Vegetable carbon – Lozenges and tablets – Natural remedies

To produce charcoal it is necessary to have wood (usually poplar or willow) and derivatives, such as the shell of the coconut. Wood and its derivatives are transformed into charcoal through a flameless combustion process at temperatures above 500°C. The latter is subjected to further treatments to make it more porous and adsorbent. Commonly known as active carbon, it is used in various sectors, from pharmaceuticals to industry.

It is a powerful antitoxic, because thanks to its adsorbing property it is able to retain toxic substances before they are absorbed by the human body. It is also used for the production of filters for gas masks and filters for the purification of drinking water. It is used to combat gastrointestinal disorders such as meteorism and aerophagy.

Compresse carbone vegetale

Quality and uses of charcoal

Compresse rivestite Thanks to its adsorbing properties, it is used in the medical field, since it is able to counteract the absorption of toxic substances by retaining atoms and molecules in its pores, and in the pharmaceutical field to counteract disorders of the gastrointestinal tract such as meteorism, aerophagy and diarrhea. It reduces abdominal swelling and eliminates harmful bacteria present in the intestine.

Considered one of the main natural remedies to combat digestive problems, it is useful to keep it in the pantry, but you must take it responsibly. It is advisable to stop the treatment in case of lesions of the digestive tract and in case of constipation. It can cause a change in the colour of the stool. Although considered a dietary supplement and not a drug, you should consult your doctor if the problem persists after a week of treatment.

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Where to buy it

Maschera viso carboneVegetable carbon does not require a medical prescription for purchase. It can be purchased in pharmacies, herbalists, parapharmacies and supermarkets in tablet or powder form. Take a maximum of six tablets or six teaspoons of powder per day, three times and after meals. Do not take charcoal in conjunction with other medications, because due to its adsorbing property it may cancel out its effect. Vegetable charcoal is also used to make peel off face masks against blackheads.

These masks can be purchased ready or can be easily made at home. In recent years, charcoal powder is also used in the kitchen, not for its taste (it is almost tasteless) but for its characteristic black color, capable of giving an elegant touch to the dishes.

Vegetable carbon: Other possible uses

dentifricio vegetale Vegetable carbon is used for the construction of filters for the purification of drinking water. These filters contain active carbon capable of modifying the bad taste, retaining the polluting chemical elements and the chlorine. To eliminate bacteria as well, the filters contain active carbon with the addition of a silver-based compound. It is important to underline that they are purifying filters for drinking water.

Thanks to its ability to pigment, in recent years as well as in the kitchen has been used in the production of cosmetics (pencils, eyeshadows and mascara) used mainly by those who are intolerant to mineral pigments. In addition to its pigmentation properties, it is an excellent natural whitener. It is used as a whitener for the teeth and is useful to keep the mouth healthy, because it acts on bacteria and prevents tooth decay.

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