Fighting seasonal ailments with balcony herbs – Officinal Plants

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alloro per infuso Sinusitis can be really annoying: it brings a feeling of numbness and constipation. In the acute phases it is not uncommon to perceive a sensation of swelling in the eyelids and a strong headache. Valuable allies can be the herb-based suffumigations with a balsamic and analgesic effect. For example, we can mix laurel, mint and eucalyptus in a bowl, pouring boiling water over them.

We breathe the vapours emitted for at least ten minutes, covering our heads with a towel. In addition to decongesting the airways, it will help us to fluidize the mucus, making it escape more easily. Ideally, we should do the treatment in the evening, before going to bed.

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issopo aromatico Coughing usually strikes us in winter, but it is not uncommon in mid-spring, especially if the climate is not stable and hot days alternate with cooler ones.

A valuable ally is the hyssop. The plant is not easily found on the market, but remember to buy it from retailers specializing in workshops on flower occasions in the industry: it is extremely simple to grow.

For curative purposes we can use both leaves and flowers (also available in herbalist shops). To combat throat irritation, we recommend using it in the form of an infusion. Leave a generous spoonful of fresh product (or a teaspoonful of dry) in a cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes and consume immediately. We can use it at any time of day.

Inflammation of the throat

pianta di timo Windy days, vocal stress, heating associated with dry air are among the most common causes of laryngeal inflammation. In these cases there is more or less pronounced aphonia and a strong burning sensation. A precious ally is undoubtedly the thyme. It is a plant rich in antiseptic, antibacterial and antispasmodic properties.

To maximize the effects it would be good to use the essential oil, but in cases of emergency we can also make use of leaves and flowers of our own production, both fresh and dry. An excellent infusion can be obtained with a spoonful of fresh leaves left in boiling water for about 10 minutes: the effect will be maximized if we sweeten with honey or add propolis. Excellent associations are obtained by adding eucalyptus, mint or lemon balm.


echinacea It is the most widespread and feared condition during the winter months; it involves a series of respiratory diseases associated with high fever and a strong debilitation. It certainly requires days off and can, if neglected, lead to bacterial complications. It is important to consult a doctor to deal with it. Aromatic herbs can help us in the first place by helping to restore the immune system. From this point of view, echinacea is very precious.

We can grow it ourselves, by drying it in anticipation of the bad season, or by purchasing the flower heads and powdered roots in the herbalist’s shop. Ideal is to make a decoction by boiling a spoon in a little water for about 10 minutes. We also increase the use of vegetables containing vitamin C. Among the aromatic plants to be used in abundance to season foods, we recommend parsley and coriander.

Combating seasonal ailments with balcony herbs: Facilitating rest

oli essenziali These pathologies often lead to strong stress and difficulties in falling asleep. But nothing is better than a good night’s sleep to help the body regain its strength. Aromatic plants can also help in this: before going to rest, we can take an herbal tea, self-produced or purchased. Ideal essences are chamomile, lavender, lime, mallow and hops.

The aromas, in the form of essential oils, can also be spread in the room with special vaporizers. Cushions filled with dried essences are also very well known: we can buy them or make them ourselves. In addition to the plants already mentioned we can include various types of wood or bark (Swiss stone pine, eucalyptus), leaves of sage or marjoram, helichrysum, tanaceto, rose petals, jasmine flowers, mugwort, yarrow.

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