The garden in October – Works of the gardening month – Garden care in October

giardino ottobre

Design and insertion of trees and shrubs

October and November are ideal for the design of green spaces and systems. Low temperatures and frequent rainfall also favour the rooting of bare-root trees and shrubs; during the winter months, moreover, the subjects will begin to develop the roots and we will have an excellent vegetative growth, already from the first year.

The advice is to plan in time which plants to insert taking into account the characteristics of soil and exposure, as well as size, color and texture of the foliage: it is important to always create a harmonious whole. If possible, open large holes well in advance, create a good drainage and make a bottom fertilization with manure or cornunghia.

  • prato ottobre In October, the climate is still pleasantly temperate: on sunny days it is still pleasant to stay outside. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure an orderly turf by applying a layer of grass that is…

Design of flowerbeds with herbaceous and bulbous plants

piantumazione bulbi ottobre October and November are also the ideal time to create bulbous flowerbeds. Before we start, let’s be informed about the climate: it is important that there are no strong increases in temperatures (cause some geophytes to vegetate and then lose the aerial part with the first frosts). We can plant for example tulips, narcissi, crocus, muscari, iris, allium, snowdrops and freesias. Let’s arrange them also at different depths in the same soil, creating a scalar flowering.

Let’s remember to carefully match colours and dimensions.

Instead, it is necessary to be more careful with the planting of perennial grasses: young subjects can deteriorate due to frost and, above all, persistent humidity. Especially in the northern and inland regions it is better to postpone the end of winter or pay particular attention to drainage.

Maintenance, sowing and cutting

It is important to keep our flowerbeds and borders clean: we eliminate withered inflorescences that give a messy appearance (but there are some that remain pleasant for a long time, such as those of hydrangeas or grasses). Instead, let’s collect all the fallen leaves: if they are healthy, they can be put in the composter or used as mulch; if we have had cryptogams, let’s burn them or flames.

Let’s look carefully at the borders: if the perennials have widened too much we can proceed with the division: we keep only the outermost and youngest parts, reinserting them immediately.

At the beginning of the month it is still possible to sow perennials and biennials or to make woody cuttings: to verify their rooting we will have to wait until spring.

The garden in October: Preparing for winter

potature ottobre From the middle of the month we can devote ourselves to the preparation of the winter garden.

We identify the subjects most sensitive to the cold: plants that are not very rustic or young. If in pots and small size can be moved indoors or in a greenhouse. In the absence of suitable rooms we can cover them with cloths and place them next to a wall in the south. To protect them on site we use a thick mulch of the foot and a single or double layer of tnt on the aerial part.

It’s time to enrich the soil: we distribute in the flowerbeds and borders an abundant layer of floured manure or pellets: the abundant rains and the winter will make it penetrate the soil.

We also do a treatment based on white oil activated on subjects strongly affected by aphids, cochineal or red spider’s web. It is also useful a passage with copper on bark, cuts and soil.

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