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The well-exposed balcony is both a great opportunity and a source of anxiety. This position allows us to have beautiful blooms prematurely in the year and keep them until late autumn. However, the summer months are the most critical: light and heat, especially in the middle of the day, put a strain on any plant, especially if in pots.

However, it is true that small measures (regular distribution of water, perhaps with the help of automatic sprinklers) and a good selection of plants can be of great help. The possibilities are really many: let’s orient ourselves on succulents, essences coming from arid environments and from the Mediterranean scrub: they guarantee resistance and aesthetics for a long period. We offer a selection for different uses and environments.

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10 Gazania

gazania Ornamental very appreciated for its resistance to drought and for its ability to bloom profusely and continuously from mid spring onwards, especially in the Centre-South and on the coasts. It gives its best with a rich substrate and regular watering; it is available in a wide range of colours: bronze, orange, pink, yellow and white, sometimes even in contrast.

9 Pennisetum

pennisetumOrnamental grasses from tropical savannahs. Some are very rustic (alopercoides, oriental), others more delicate (setaceum), but they are all equally vigorous and resistant to dryness. Remarkable for the light and “natural” touch that they can give to the pots thanks to their feathery cobs The species setaceum is very interesting for the coloring of the foliage from bright pink to purple.

8 Plumbago Capensis

plumbago Delicate evergreen shrub with beautiful leaves with blue-grey shades. Since the end of spring, it has been producing a large number of bunches of flowers in the blue colour that is as similar as possible to that of the sky! Due to the ease of cultivation (it only requires regular water and fertilization) and the special colour of the inflorescences, it has always been one of the most popular pot plants.

7 Gaura Lindheimeri

gauraPerennial caespitose to be cultivated in medium size pots with soil capable of retaining a minimum of moisture. From mid spring to the end of the season we will have stems with pink, red or white flowers, similar to butterflies, remarkable for their abundance and for the lightness they give to the compositions and to the environments. Beautiful if combined with ornamental grasses.

6 Phormium Tenax

phormium Also called “New Zealand Flax” in recent years has been increasingly successful for its resistance to high temperatures and drought combined with the essential beauty of its leaves. Thanks to their linear shape, they adapt perfectly to modern environments and, as far as colouring is concerned, you are spoilt for choice: pink, red, green, yellow, striped, soft or intense.

5 Solanum

solanum The species jasminoides and rantonnettii must never be missing, especially in the milder areas of our country. They have a growth between the climber and the lasso and continuously carry, from late spring, bunches of starry flowers, from white to deep blue-purple. If well exposed, they need little care, if not regular irrigation and abundant fertilization.

4 Tagetes

tagete Herbaceous plants usually grown as annual, extremely easy to obtain from seed and to maintain throughout the year. The species and varieties are countless and vary especially in height. The colors available range from dark white to yellow, red, brick: you can create beautiful pots and balconies, even with other essences and perhaps with contrasting colors. It is important to regularly clean the withered heads.

3 Hibiscus pink-sinensis

hibiscus You should never miss it if you’re looking for a touch of exoticism! It is a delicate shrub, but capable of becoming very large even in pots. The show starts in June: a profusion of large open bell-shaped flowers with a showy stamens and antenas! The range of colours is very wide: red, yellow, orange, pink, white, even in combination. It only wants regular irrigation, fertilization and cleaning.

2 Oleander

Oleandro A shrub widespread throughout the Mediterranean area, it is ideal for growing in large pots both in its natural bush shape and as a sapling or formally pruned to create a hedge. The flowers, from early summer, are very durable and produced with good continuity. It is available in the classic white, pink and red, but also in the rarest and most coveted apricot and yellow.

Top 10 sunny balcony plants: 1 Bougainvillea

Bouganvillea One of the most beloved and widespread climbers in the southern and coastal regions of our country. Native to South America, thanks to its long-lasting and colorful flowering, is able to bring the Tropics on our balcony! Simple to grow (it only requires monthly fertilization and regular watering), it profusionally produces bracts in white, pink, fuchsia, purple and orange. It can be climbed on a support, but it is also suitable for more formal pruning or to be treated as a shrub.

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