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Philadelphus Coronarius

Philadelphus Coronarius Originally from Europe the philadelph coronarius is a thick, 2-3 metre high shrub with a spherical development. It has a rustic character and can adapt in different environments.

It resists well even in very dry soils.

The aureus variety has golden yellow leaves when young, which become green in summer.

We recommend growing in semi-shady areas.

It blooms in late spring and does not need to be fertilized.

Irrigation is only necessary for the youngest specimens, while adult shrubs are satisfied with the water of the rains.

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Philadelphus inodorus

philadelphus inodorus The philadelph inodorus grows in the southeastern regions of the United States and has dark green, pointed, elliptical leaves.

The flowers are white and bloom in groups of 3 in May and June. It can exceed three metres in height.

This shrub can bear exposure to both full sun and half shade, in fact it can bear harsh temperatures but suffers from excessive heat.

It is a very resistant plant both to pollution and to possible attacks by parasites and does not require special care or fertilization.

It blooms in late spring.

Philadelphus microphillus

Philadelphus microphillus The microphyllus philadelph grows in the southeastern regions of the United States and is characterized by pointed leaves at the apex with an ovate shape and covered with a slight down.

It is particularly suitable for rock gardens. It has no particular requirements with regard to the soil and can adapt in different situations being a rustic plant.

It blooms at the end of spring and its flowers are creamy white.

It is a plant that resists well even in cold climates but suffers from too high temperatures.

Philadelph – Philadelphus: Philadelphus pubescens

Philadelphus pubescens The pubescens variety grows in the southwestern regions of the United States, is a shrub up to five meters high and measures about 3 meters in diameter.

Rustic and vigorous shrub with ovate leaves up to 10 cm long with hairs on the underside. The flowers, which are collected in racemes, are cream-colored and generally bloom in June.

It can be attacked by aphids and for this reason it is good to provide preventive treatments with special insecticide products, to be used when there is no flowering.

Among the hybrids, we remind the “beauclerk”, which stands out for the red dots of its petals, the “belle ├Ętoile”, with the petals stained of purple at the base, and the “burfordiensis”, with white petals and yellow stamens.

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