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The Griselinia littoralis is a vigorous shrub, or small tree, originating in New Zealand, evergreen; it has a fairly rapid growth, and can reach ten meters high, although it usually stays within 5-6 meters.

It has evergreen, oval, slightly thick and leathery leaves, bright green in colour, sometimes tending to yellowish-green; the stem is short and gives rise to a roundish foliage, very dense and dense, which makes the shrub very suitable as a hedge plant.

The griselinias are dioecious plants, therefore the feminine flowers and the masculine ones develop on different plants; the blooming takes place in late spring and originates small edible fruits, which contain fertile seeds.

Plant easy to grow, is suitable as a single specimen or in hedges of border or windbreak, is also used in places near the sea, as it does not fear the salinity.

There are several varieties of this plant, which differ in some characteristics but still have the same structure and require the same treatments and methods of cultivation.



GriselinaThe Griselinia littoralis should be planted in a sunny place, or a semi-shaded place could be suitable. However, as this plant species is a very rustic variety, this shrub can withstand even in shady places.

These plants don’t fear the cold, and in areas with very high summer temperatures it is advisable to position the plant in a partially shady place.

Being a rustic shrub it can develop even with minimum temperatures reaching -10 ° C. Even when they are placed in the shade they still manage to vegetate, even if, probably, they will have a lesser development.

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Griselinia littoralis The Griselinia littoralis is a rustic and resistant shrub that can adapt even in difficult situations and not optimal for its development; for this reason, usually, these plants are satisfied with the rains, but in case of very prolonged drought it is good to water, when the soil is perfectly dry, avoiding stagnation of water that could induce states of suffering in the plant, compromising its health.


The griselinias are plants which develop in any soil, provided this is of soft and light type, with characteristics which render it sandy and very well drained. In fact, this variety of plants, even if very rustic, fear the water stagnations which could compromise the stem and the roots, affecting the integrity of the plant itself and causing a very dangerous radical rottenness. To obtain the best results, it is a good idea to check that the soil always has the right level of humidity.


Griselinia littoralis variegata The multiplication of these evergreen shrubs, often utilized for the hedges of the gardens, takes place by seed, by the end of winter, in the seedbed; otherwise, these plants propagate also by woody or semi-woody cutting. This technique is to be utilized during the spring period.

Griselinia littoralis: Pests and diseases

The plants of Griselinia littoralis are very rustic and resistant; for this reason, they are generally not attacked by parasites or diseases.

The great resistance and rusticity of this plant make it increasingly used for the formation of hedges in parks and terraces, thanks to its few needs can be easily cultivated and maintained.

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