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The Clerodendrum trichotomum is a shrub or small deciduous tree originating in China and Japan, which can reach 2.5-3 meters high.

It has an erect posture, often has several very ramified trunks, the crown is roundish, and develops very low along the trunk. The leaves of the clerodendron are oval, very wide, notched and velvety, dark green in colour.

In the middle of summer, until the beginning of autumn, this plant produces many small white flowers, gathered in cobs, delicately scented; the wilted flowers are followed by very decorative berries, blue-black in color, supported by a deep pink calyx; they can remain on the plant for months.

The genus clerodendrum (or clerodendron) includes hundreds of species, including the Ugandan C., less rustic than the Clerodendrum trichotomum, but very decorative, with numerous purple and lilac flowers in the shape of a butterfly; C. thomsonae is a climber with white flowers for apartment.



Clerodendro thomsoniae The clerodendron it needs a sunny position, or a half shade; usually it is a very rustic plant and can bear temperatures below -10°C without any problems, even if it can happen that persistent frosts cause the aerial part of the young specimens to dry up; for this reason, it is best to shelter the plants for the first two winters after planting.

It doesn’t have particular problems to bear the summer temperatures, obviously it can suffer from a prolonged exposure to excessive temperatures.

In areas near the sea or in the mountains, it is advisable to protect the plant from the wind.

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clerodendro trichotomum In general, the Clerodendrum trichotomum needs regular watering, and a constantly moist soil; also the Clerodendrum trichotomum needs a lot of water, especially during the summer period, whilst in winter the watering can be suspended as the plant goes into vegetative rest.

It is necessary to avoid water stagnation on the ground as it can be very dangerous for the health of the plant.

Plants love a moist environment and it may be useful to vaporize water to create a moist microclimate.

From March to October it is advisable to provide fertiliser for flowering plants at regular intervals.


clerodendro The clerodendron adapts without any problem to any soil, but develops best in rich, loose, fresh and well drained soils, preferring soils poor in calcium.

When planting, preferably in spring, it is advisable to prepare a deep hole in which to mix sand, peat and composting soil.


The multiplication of this type of shrub occurs by seed, using in spring the seeds of the previous year, which can be taken from the plant at the time of sowing; in spring it is also possible to make cuttings and layering.

Clerodendro – Clerodendrum trichotomum: Parasites and diseases

clerodendro trichotomum If the plants are planted in poorly drained soils, it is a good idea to encourage the onset of root rot. Mites sometimes visibly spoil the leaves.

These plants can be attacked by cochineals, which if not countered can compromise the health of the plant. To avoid this it is advisable to use specific insecticide products to be distributed in the environment around the plant, before the flowering period.

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