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The Agapetes serpens is a small evergreen shrub, native to Nepal, in the wild it has an epiphytic development; it produces a wide tuberous root, from which depart several thin stems, long up to 60-80 cm, curved, of reddish colour, which carry small lanceolate or ovate leaves, of dark green colour, slightly pelossette on the upper page, coriaceous, with a showily marked central vein. The adult shrubs usually reach the 70-90 cm of height.

From the beginning of summer till autumn, from the lower part of the stems hang numerous tubular flowers, of a bright red colour, with showy darker striae. The long branches can be treated like those of a climber, fixing them to a trellis, in order to increase the size of the shrub. The flowering of the agapetes is surely very decorative.



agapetes As for the type of exposure, the plants of the Agapetes serpens should be grown in a partially shady place; they can bear even direct sunlight, provided the watering is increased and the excessively hot locations are avoided: in this case the flowers will assume a very intense colouring.

They are not too afraid of the cold weather, therefore they can be grown in the garden; in places with very harsh and prolonged winters we suggest planting the shrubs in a place sheltered from the winter wind and protecting the roots with the use of mulch material to be placed at the base of the plant.

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pianta di agapetesThe Agapetes serpens can bear short periods of drought without any problems; in any case we suggest watering regularly, from May to October, remembering to let the soil dry between one watering and the other. In winter let’s avoid watering; during the vegetative period we suggest to supply some fertilizer for flowering plants, every 15-20 days, dissolved in the water of the watering; or let’s spread around the collar of the granular slow release fertilizer plant, every 4-5 months.

If this variety is grown in pots, remember to provide more water, always checking that the soil is well dry, before proceeding with a new watering.


agapetes The plants of agapetes serpens in the wild, they have an epiphytic development, which means that they grow up sinking their roots in the debris which stops between the branches of other trees or between the rocks; in any case, they can develop, without any problems, also underground, utilizing a good soil for acidophilic plants, rich and well drained. SI grow also in pots, using not too much capacious containers.


As far as the multiplication of this variety is concerned, it can take place by seed, or by semi-woody cutting, in late summer or in autumn. It is good to allow the new seedlings to develop fully before proceeding with the final planting, so as to allow them to acquire the necessary strength.

Agapetes serpens: Parasites and diseases

agapetes These shrubs are particularly afraid of ferric chlorosis, like many other heathers; in case of heavy and very moist soil they can be attacked by root or collar rot.

Before the flowering period it is advisable to intervene with specific products with a wide spectrum, which will protect the plant from the attack of pests and diseases.

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