Watering during the holidays? Here is the solution – Irrigation

Every summer is the usual problem: there is a growing desire to take a nice holiday by the sea or in the mountains, or to leave for a trip to distant destinations, but the question also arises spontaneously “who will water the flowers and plants? At this time of year, in fact, with the temperature rising, constant watering is absolutely vital. What to do?

You can turn to relatives and neighbors willing to shoulder this commitment, perhaps with the risk of finding, on their return, the yellowed lawn and the plants withered leaves, due to an irrigation not in a workmanlike manner.

It is better to solve the problem in a definitive and safe way, realizing a simple irrigation system which will water in our place in a regular way, with the right quantity of water and at the best times: in the early morning or in the evening, without wasting due to evaporation and without water stagnations which can turn out to be as harmful as a scarce or infrequent irrigation.

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Dissect plants for days and days

claber idris Claber, the Italian brand of reference in the world of domestic irrigation, has studied various solutions for watering potted plants during the holidays . The simplest is called Idris and is a drip sprinkler for indoor plants in pots or on the terrace or balcony, which works with a normal plastic bottle, from 0.5 to 2 liters, without the need for batteries or a connection to a tap.

Idris is permanently planted in the soil at the base of the plant, thanks to its tripod, and distributes the water drop by drop, directly near the roots. It is equipped with 4 different drippers that allow you to choose the most suitable water flow rate: 10 – 15 – 20- 30 cl per day and ensures regular watering for many days. The only warning is to make a small hole in the bottom of the bottle, to allow the water to flow down, and not expose the bottle to the sun.

  • irrigare giardino All experts agree that proper irrigation is a fundamental element for the well-being of plants and that, in addition, give the lawn and plants the right amount of water.
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  • claber Aqua-Magic System If until now a balcony or terrace without a tap involved the renunciation of being able to place pot plants and flowers without having to consider using the watering can to wet them with water.
  • irrigazione a goccia Water is a vital element for plants and for all living beings on the planet. A precious commodity to be respected and used intelligently: even when it comes to watering the pots on the planet.

An oasis for indoor plants

claber oasis Specific for indoor potted plants, Oasis is a water distributor with a capacity of 25 litres and a pleasantly modern design, powered by a 9V battery, with no electrical connections or open taps. It allows you to choose from 4 different watering programs for watering up to 20 pots, for a period of time that can even reach 40 days.

It is already complete with everything you need to create in a few minutes a temporary drip irrigation circuit: 10 meters of flexible hose in PVC 20 drippers and 20 pegs that must be inserted into the ground to stop the pipe. The Oasis water dispenser is placed on a cabinet or shelf, at a height of about 70-80 cm, and is equipped with an internal device that ensures a regular flow of water to the drippers, as well as a water filter that eliminates any impurities.

The drippers can also be opened to clean a faucet under the jet. After use, Oasis is just as easy to store together with the drip tube, taking up very little space thanks to its compact size.

Watering during the holidays? Here’s the solution: Watering on the terrace without tap

claber aqua magic To wet the plants on the terrace, without the need for a tap or mains electricity, Claber has created a revolutionary novelty: Aqua-Magic System. It is a programmer with integrated electric pump that works with the clean and free energy of a photovoltaic panel, combined with 2 batteries AA The rechargeable batteries guarantee operation in all weather conditions. There are 54 different irrigation solutions available, simply by turning two knobs: the ultimate in simplicity.

The electric pump, equipped with a filter, draws water from the foldable Aqua-Magic Tank, with a capacity of 80 litres of water, or from a container already available at home and supplies an irrigation circuit with special drippers, for regular watering of up to 20 pots. With Aqua-Magic you can make up to two watering lines, capable of watering up to 10 pots each, even at two different heights.

An ideal solution not only to perfectly water the plants on the terrace during the holidays, but for the whole summer season, with the maximum comfort: enough with the old and uncomfortable watering cans.

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