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The love for gardening is growing all over the world and Italy is one of the top countries in this trend, together with USA England, France and Germany. The dream of a beautiful green lawn with many flowerbeds, and perhaps a vegetable garden with tasty firstlings to enjoy at km. zero, infects the new generations – the so-called “millennials”, ie people born after 1980 – but the needs have changed compared to the old image of the gardener with apron, rake and watering can.

Today’s gardening enthusiasts want to get the best results, but they don’t have much time to devote to their green passion. They get information on specialized websites and social networks, are familiar with technology and look for practical, comfortable and versatile solutions. Even modern gardens have changed: the most common type is a medium-sized green space (up to 700 square meters).

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Watering better, watering everything

irrigatore claber Claber, an Italian company famous in the world of gardening enthusiasts, has thought of a tailor-made solution to manage the irrigation of today’s gardens: Hydro-4. It is a compact and perfectly watertight well (IP68 certified), which can be used either underground or simply placed on the ground or on a floor, inside which there is an electronic programmer and 4 solenoid valves.

Hydro-4 runs on battery power, so there is no need to connect it to the mains, and can control up to 4 independent irrigation lines, to meet all watering needs. It is in fact compatible with different Claber irrigation systems, which can be purchased separately according to requirements: 1/2″ manifold pipe, Block System fittings and Colibri micro-sprinklers, or 20 mm manifold pipe, compression fittings and medium range pop-ups.

It can also be connected to a drip irrigation line, perfect for flower beds or vegetable gardens, or to a drip pipe, very practical for watering hedges. Connecting the programmer to a water connection or a simple tap is also quick and easy: an ideal system for do-it-yourself use.

  • irrigare giardino All experts agree that proper irrigation is a fundamental element for the well-being of plants and that, in addition, give the lawn and plants the right amount of water.
  • claber Aqua-Magic System If until now a balcony or terrace without a tap involved the renunciation of being able to place pot plants and flowers without having to consider using the watering can to wet them with water.
  • irrigazione a goccia Water is a vital element for plants and for all living beings on the planet.

    A precious commodity to be respected and used intelligently: even when it comes to watering the pots on the planet.

  • irrigazione claber Every summer is the usual problem: there is a growing desire to take a nice holiday by the sea or in the mountains, or to leave for a trip to distant destinations, but there is also a spontaneous question…

Simple and versatile programming

programmatore <em> <strong>hydro 4</em>  claber With just 3 buttons and a large display, the Hydro-4 controller allows you to set up 2 different irrigation programs for each of the 4 irrigation lines: in this way you can decide the duration and time of watering, automatically programming them at the best times, ie early in the morning or in the evening, avoiding wastage of water due to evaporation under the sun’s rays, especially in the hottest months of the year.

For each program it is possible to set an irrigation time from 1 to 60 minutes, with the possible exclusion of certain days of the week. The programmes can be viewed on the display at any time and can be modified or deleted if required. The manual irrigation function is very convenient, to control the operation of the irrigation system or to distribute an “extra watering” in case of need.

The Hydro-4 controller can also be connected, via wireless radio frequency, to the Rain Sensor rain sensor, which interrupts the programme in the event of atmospheric precipitation and restarts it when the sun returns: in this way, water is not wasted unnecessarily, especially when you are away from home because you are at work or on holiday.

Tailor-made irrigation for all with one system, Hydro-4: Underground, drip or above ground irrigation

irrigatori Claber As we have seen, Hydro-4 allows you to create, even on your own, any irrigation system in a garden of medium or medium-large size.  You can use the low consumption sprinklers Colibrì System, the Pop Up Claber sprinklers or the Claber turbine sprinklers, to have all the advantages of underground irrigation: uniform watering, water saving, aesthetics and home enhancement.

If you don’t want to commit yourself to an underground system, or to a second home, you can opt for above-ground systems, with oscillating sprinklers that water the lawn and drip pipes that distribute water to the flowerbeds and hedges. Thanks to the possibility of managing up to 4 independent lines, Hydro-4 can be used to water both the garden and the garden, creating one or more drip irrigation and micro-irrigation circuits for the latter.

In short, Hydro-4 opens up a real world of possibilities for domestic irrigation, also thanks to the possibility of contacting the Claber Design Service to have a personalized and free project of the systems to be built, according to the size and characteristics of your green space.

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