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Modern garden

vasi wengè Outdoor spaces must be in close contact with the buildings around them. Especially in cities, gardens and balconies have “minimal” tendencies: plants are formally pruned and plants with a more essential appearance (such as ornamental grasses) are preferred. To give charm and add points of interest to these environments, it is enough to rely on trendy designers: plastic, steel, resin and cement are currently the upward trend.

Most of the time they are in neutral colors such as white, beige, wenge, the many shades of gray. However, there is no shortage of achievements in bright colors, to be used in harmony or in contrast with the surrounding landscape and cultivated plants. The shapes are linear and essential. It is also not uncommon for vases to become fine elements in themselves or even used as a source of light.

Rustic garden

vasi in legno In our country there are many houses in rustic areas: to make the most of them we recommend using traditional materials. Usually, the best matches are terracotta, cement and wood. In the first case, we can focus on simple style vases, alternating them, perhaps in focal positions, with other more valuable ones where craftsmanship is evident.

The overall picture is completed by giving an air of experience to these objects: we do not recommend in particular to remove the accumulations of limestone.

The same concept applies to cement containers (preferring those with a rounded shape): we can encourage rapid “ageing” by brushing them with yoghurt to which we have mixed pieces of musk.

Wooden planters are ideal for many crops, but they combine beautifully with citrus fruits. They give their best when they are painted green or white, but they are also beautiful simply impregnated.

Nostalgic or shabby garden

giardino shabbyThis style can be easily put into practice in the countryside as well as in the city and you can create good environments even on balconies and terraces. It is a matter of reconstructing a vintage, Provençal or Art Nouveau style. First of all we recommend a metal or wood furniture painted white. The use of salvaged objects is imperative as containers: excellent sources of supply are the cellars, attics, antiques markets or brocante.

The ancient galvanized basins, the barrels to be divided in half, the demijohns, old bicycles with basket are very much in demand. Even the wood finds its place: ideal is whitened or in pastel colors. You can not miss the hanging baskets: wicker or metal, give a romantic touch that can not miss.

Vases on balconies and terraces

vasi in telo Balconies and terraces have special needs, especially for space. It is essential to make optimum use of horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is precisely for this purpose that “vertical gardens” have become a trend. They are available in different modularity and materials: plastic, wood, fabric. We can use them for ornamental plants, but they are also excellent for setting up an aromatic corner or even a small garden.

The balconies are also trendy: they are mostly made of plastic, but they are available in a wide range of bright colours so as to become, first and foremost, a point of attraction. They are also very practical thanks to the new and safe methods of anchoring and the possibility of having large reserves of water for our plants.

Vases with recycled materials

vasi di pellet The reuse of materials is a rising trend and is in line with the aspirations of those who devote themselves to agriculture. Pallets have now become very popular: with small modifications you can create beautiful vertical gardens. Dismantling them and reusing the planks you get planters, even very durable.

Plastic containers can be painted or covered with stones, small branches or pieces of coloured ceramics. The wooden boxes, painted in various ways, are excellent pot holders. The jute sacks also work very well.

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