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Giardino con irrigazione A problem of almost all systems is the water pressure. Generally a normal domestic line is sufficient to supply 5 or 6 sprinklers at a time. Therefore, if the garden requires more than one sprinkler, different areas must be provided (see colours in the drawing). It is important that each area has all the sprinklers of the same type.

  • irrigazione The irrigation of the garden has become over the years an increasingly important and widespread component. Initially present only in large spaces and public parks, it has quickly spread to homes with a large number of trees and plants.
  • irrigazione With the arrival of the holidays, the question arises again as every year: and our flowers?

    Not being able to bring them with us is appropriate to take care of their accommodation in advance, so as not to find them….

  • pistole irrigazione The irrigation guns are made of plastic, they are mounted directly to the end of the sprinkler pipe, screwing them very easily. By rotating the outer part, you can change the screws on the outside.
  • progetto impianto irrigazione All the plants present in a garden, even if with different needs, need to be watered.

    When creating a garden, the choice of plants is made on the basis of the type of…

Plant types

impianti The irrigation system can be either manual (i.e. by opening the taps by hand) or automatic (with solenoid valves). Before deciding, let’s evaluate the costs we want to incur.

In any case, as already mentioned, the first thing to do will be to divide our garden (which may also include flowerbeds, pools, terraces and rocks) into areas that will be fed by a single pipe; this pipe must be of a diameter proportionate to the number and type of sprinklers.

Manual type: If you have opted for this method you will have to make as many derivations as there are zones, setting up a shutter for each derivation.

If we opt for automatic operation, each zone will require a solenoid valve that must be connected to the control unit (to be placed in a dry and weatherproof position), which will automatically manage the system. Needless to say, the automatic system has considerable advantages. To have a quiet sleep while you are on holiday or not to get up in the morning at four to turn on the system, make automatic irrigation is the ideal solution.

To prevent the system from starting even in rainy conditions or after heavy rainfall, it is advisable to equip the system with a rain sensor.

Drip Wing

irrigazione a goccia This method ensures less waste of water and is an excellent solution for hedges, balconies, flower boxes and rocks. It is a good idea to dedicate a specific area of the system to the drip line as it usually has to run much longer than the sprinklers.

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