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pianta di mango The plants of Mangifera indica are cultivated in a sunny, or semi-shady, place; they can be cultivated also in places where the winters are quite rigid, provided the frosts are drinkable and of slight entity, in this case, however, usually they do not fructify and have a very reduced development, as they remain of the size of big shrubs. The minimum suggested temperature is of 5-7°C.

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mango Usually they need regular watering, but to be supplied only if the soil is well dry, avoiding excesses and winter watering; the varieties originating in the Philippines usually need more watering, as they prefer a wetter climate. These plants can also be grown in pots in apartments; in this case let’s water only when the soil is dry, throughout the whole year.


foglie mango The specimens of Mangifera indica prefer rich and deep soils, where they can easily sink their roots; to obtain healthy and vigorous trees it is necessary to plant them in a very well drained soil.


Inside the fruits of Mangifera indica there is a large flat seed, from which it is possible to germinate a new plant if you intend to grow it in apartment; fruit varieties, however, are usually grafted on wild rootstock, because the plants obtained from seed do not always produce fruits identical to those of the mother plant. Cuttings and layering usually have little chance of success.

Mango – Mango indicates: Parasites and diseases

frutti in mango Mango orchards are often attacked by leaf-feeding pests and various fruit flies. As far as specimens grown as ornamental plants are concerned, they can occasionally be attacked by aphids or mites.

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