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As far as the watering of the osiria rose is concerned, it is good to proceed with a certain constancy depending on the season. It is important to keep in mind the concept that soil should always be kept moist. Obviously, you should check the substrate before proceeding with further wetting. If it is still wet from the previous time, it is not recommended to proceed with irrigation in order to avoid generating water stagnation and the resulting root rot.

In addition, for the pink osiria It is important to avoid directly wetting the flowers and leaves, but to irrigate only and exclusively the surrounding soil. Another fundamental expedient is to water the plant only during the early hours of the morning or evening and never during the hours of full sun.

Rosa osiria

How to cure

Esemplare rosa osiriaThe planting of the pink osiria must take place in areas with a rather mild climate and generally, is carried out in October or between January and February. As for pruning, it is carried out both to eliminate dry branches and to thin the plant. After pruning, it is recommended to proceed in order to disinfect the wound. For the multiplication of the osiria rose it is possible to proceed by cutting. The cuttings should be placed directly in a pot or on the ground in the garden.

When cutting the cuttings, it is advisable to remove all the leaves from the stem removed in order to avoid the reproduction of insects and microorganisms on the new seedlings and in such a way as to bring together all the energy of the new roots for the development of future seedlings.

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How to fertilize

Germoglio rose For a correct fertilization of the osiria rose, it is recommended to proceed once every two years, sprinkling the soil with manure that will then be buried. Moreover, at shorter distances of time, it is possible to proceed with the use of a granular slow release fertilizer that contains the three basic chemicals: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Also in this case the fertilizer will be spread on the ground at the foot of the plant.

Natural fertilizers can also be used, such as coffee grounds or finely chopped banana peels, which must be mixed with the soil during the preparation of the same. In winter it is recommended to protect the soil with a mulch of bark and dried leaves. This type of substrate is suitable for both potted and garden plants.

Pink Osiris: Diseases

Rose varietàAmong the various diseases that can affect the rose osiria, we find the grey mold. In this case the plant will be covered with grey spots on the leaves and the cause is very often a poor protection of the rose osiria after pruning. It is advisable to proceed using specific products in order to eradicate the mould. If you notice white spots with a floury consistency, we are in the presence of powdery mildew or white mal. Also in this case, the use of special products is recommended.

The rose osiria can also be infested by the red spider web that causes the presence of yellow spots on the leaves that later tend to crumple. Insecticides are often used to eradicate this parasite. The plant is also attacked by aphids, or plant lice. The best treatment is the use of special pesticides.

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