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The Selaginella lepidophylla is known by the common name of Rose of Jericho or resurrection plant. The most interesting feature of this type of plant is that in dry periods are enclosed on themselves drying out. When they come into contact with the water, the branches come back to relax and the foliage regains color. For this reason, irrigation is a very important aspect for the cultivation of these particular plants.

The substrate must always be kept moist and not soaked, taking care not to let the soil dry too much. In summer, in the months of July and August, it is advisable to carry out, at least once a day, sprays or nebulisations. They are also afraid of limescale and the water from the irrigation must be boiled beforehand, with the addition of a teaspoon of vinegar per litre.

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How to take care of it

Esemplari rose The plants called Jericho Rose originate from the tropical forests of Central and South America. It is a species that does not require much attention, is usually grown in pots and adapts to different environmental contexts. The ideal soil to ensure constant growth is composed of a substrate of sphagnum, peat and moss. It is essential to provide the correct drainage of irrigation, absolutely avoiding water stagnations that lead to the emergence of fungal diseases.

The container compartment must be made of terracotta, in this way it ensures the correct oxygenation of the roots. The ideal ambient temperature for the Jericho Rose plants is never lower than 18°C, but they are also strongly afraid of excessively hot and sultry climatic conditions.

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When and how to fertilize

Fogliame rosa gerico Fertilisation of the Jericho Rose plants is not extremely necessary as the needs of these plants are very low. However, it is advisable to provide in some periods of the year a complete fertilizer, equipped with all the main nutritional components. Starting from the spring season it is possible to give a good complete liquid fertilizer, to be diluted directly in the irrigation water. Jericho Roses do not like excessive stress and it is important to use 1/4 of the recommended dosage usually.

The operation is repeated every 15-20 days, from March to the end of August. At this point it is advisable to suspend the administration in autumn and for the entire winter season. To choose the most suitable product, it is important to contact specialised personnel.

Rose of Jericho: Exposure, diseases and remedies

Pianta sempreverde rosa Exposure is an important aspect when growing Jericho Rose plants. In fact, these plants need a diffused brightness, for several hours a day, but are strongly afraid of direct contact with sunlight. In general, this species is very resistant to pests and diseases, if it is always grown under optimal conditions. When the leaves tend to dry out and crumple on themselves, it is a symptom that the surrounding environment does not have the correct degree of humidity.

Nebulizations and expanded clay placed in the saucer, will help the recovery of the plants. If the plants start to wither it is a clear sign of poor and insufficient irrigation, to remedy this condition it is advisable to give water regularly, taking care that the substrate does not remain too dry.

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