Fuchsia – Fuchsia – Language of flowers – Fuchsia – Language of flowers


It comes from Mexico, where it grows like a tree. In Europe, it arrived in the 1700s,

thanks to the sailors of the English ships, who returning from South America, brought with them some specimens. British tradition has it that the

botanist James Lee noticed fuchsia,

for the first time on the window sill of a suburban London house.

She asked the owner like this

to give it to her, but the lady refused because the plant had been given to her

by his son, the sailor, returning from a long voyage overseas. Sir Lee had to settle for a few cuttings, thanks to which he was able to reproduce fuchsia in the greenhouse. From that moment his nursery became the destination of many visitors, who came from all over the country to admire the splendor of that plant so strange and that they had never seen before.

For the shape of its flowers, its appearance and its colors so elegant,

fuchsia is considered synonymous with grace and gracefulness.


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