Acetosella – Language of flowers – Acetosella – Language of flowers

The common name of this flower, Acetosella, comes from the “acid” and slightly sour taste of the leaves of the plant, which were formerly used just as a condiment for salads. The slim and apparently fragile appearance, as well as the characteristic that distinguishes the Acetosella, ie folding over itself during the rains or the strong wind as to protect themselves, have determined the meaning that in the language of flowers is associated with the plant: protection and maternal love.



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Acetosella: Virtue of the sorrel

acetosella rosa Of the sleeping beauty or dormant clover as it is commonly called the sorrel are made many uses in the kitchen, gives flavor to the salad with its acidic note.

This herbaceous plant that grows spontaneously in our fields in semi-shaded areas is rich in vitamin C, mucilage and oxalic acid; thanks to these active ingredients it has a diuretic, depurative and decongestant effect on the body.

  • Acetosella Oxalis rubra, or commonly called sorrel, is a perennial herbaceous plant native to South America. The oxalide is a tuberous plant, which tends to become carpet-like if the conditions are right.
  • acetosella Name: Oxalis sorrel Family: Oxalidacee Common names: agretta, cuckoo herb, melagra, panavella, pan and vin, mosquito.

    Habitat: grows to a height of 2000 meters, in areas with a high…

  • oxalis The sorrel is a genus that brings together many herbaceous perennial plants mainly originating in Africa and Latin America, but also found in Europe and North America….
  • Fiori pianta acetosella The genus called Acetosella includes several species and varieties of bulbous plants that grow spontaneously in the northern regions and in the rest of the European continent.

    In autumn, they grow in the northern regions and in the rest of Europe.