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a group of 5-6 succulent plant species from South Africa. They consist of a short stem that supports a dense rosette of green-blue leaves, covered with whitish protuberances similar to warts, if grown in full sun can take on particular colors, from pink to purple. In summer, large yellow or orange daisy-shaped flowers appear at the base of the leaves. The most cultivated species is T. calcarea.

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How to treat it

foglie Exposure: they like to expose in full sun, even if they can grow without any problems even in the middle of the shade, as it can be in a very bright place. They do not fear much the cold, and can survive even if exposed for short periods to temperatures just below 0 ° C, as long as the substrate of cultivation is kept completely dry. Watering: water in moderation, letting the substrate dry perfectly between a watering and the other.

With the arrival of the first cold, reduce watering until they are completely suspended in winter. soil: prefers poor and very well drained soils, you can prepare an ideal substrate by mixing universal soil with abundant amounts of sand and coarse-grained material, such as perlite or expanded clay.

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Titanopsis limestone: Useful information

is done by seed in spring. Wet the compost from seed before sowing, then keep it in a bright, but shady, moist and protected place, until germination. The new seedlings are to be kept in the seedbed until they have produced at least two leaves, therefore they are placed in single containers. If the waterings are too abundant, it can be easily affected by radical rottenness.


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