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The flowers

Showy and lively, they come in a wide variety of colours: white, yellow, red, purple pink and orange.

The petals are long and narrow and open in daylight and in some species only in direct sunlight.

The fruit is a capsule that opens and closes automatically in humid conditions.

Mesembryantem – Mesembryantemum: Variety

We can mention a few varieties:

M. Acinoforme (Hottentotus fig) originates in South Africa but has adapted to the Italian coastal areas. Height 20-30 cm, is a plant with prostrate stems – ascending and falcate cuneiform leaves. The purple flowers bloom from May to July and open only in the sun.

M. Edible: perennial plant similar to the previous one with yellow flowers and fleshy and edible fruits.

Mesebryantemum Crystallinum

  • mesembriantemo The mesembryanthemus is a succulent plant with fast growth and compact size, bushy or drooping, with a
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