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dolichothele comes from the gerco dolichos (long) and thele (nipple, referred to very prominent tubercles). Genus composed of about 12 species, is a plant native to Texas and Mexico. They have globular stems and relatively large, funnel-shaped flowers. Almost all species bloom easily and can live at home or in a greenhouse. They require a lot of light and infrequent watering, to allow the roots to dry completely between one watering and the other.

They reproduce by seed during the spring period.


Dolichothele Longimamma

Dolichothele Plant native to central Mexico, it has stems wide and about 10 cm tall, and tubercles long up to 5 cm. The flowers are 6 cm broad and of a pale yellow colour. It is one of the easiest species to cultivate and lives even in the half-light.

Mammillaria – Dolichothele: Dolichothele sphaerica

Dolichothele Native to northern Mexico and southern Texas, it is characterized by about 5 cm broad and tall stems and tubercles long up to 1,5 cm of pale green colour, with apical rosette formed by 9-15 thorns, yellow or white, long up to one cm. The flowers are dull yellow and wide at least 6 cm.


Lingua di suocera - Epiphyllum

Calancola - Kalanchoe blossfeldiana