Lobivia shaferi – Lobivia shaferi – Grassy plants – Lobivia shaferi – Succulent



Lobivia well-lit by indirect light;

Lobivia famatimensis

or echinopsis densispine

Stem: cylindrical stem with ribs covered with whitish thorns.

The flowers: funnel-shaped, about five centimeters long and yellow in color bloom numerous throughout the summer. They last only a few days. There are several cutivars with flowers of different colors.


in the sun even in winter with a good exchange of air.

Temperature: Never drop below ten degrees during the cold season.


Water only when the ground is dry.

The stem must not be wetted because this causes rottenness. Watering is suspended completely between November and March.


special potting soil for cacti or a peat-based compound with half the volume of coarse river sand;


from May to September a liquid fertilizer for cacti diluted in watering water.


is sown in March at a temperature of twenty-one degrees. Between March and October, the shoots are detached and are potted after having dried them for three days.

Lobivia shaferi: Parasites

the plants are attacked by the cochineals that cover them with a whitish down infesting even the roots, this causes the arrest of growth.


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