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Graptopetalum bellum


Graptopetalum bellum places that are bright but not too hot. He loves the indirect exposure of the sun’s rays.

Temperature: in mild climate areas it can be grown outdoors for the whole year, otherwise it is necessary to grow the plant in pots and shelter it during the winter season.


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In winter it does not need watering while they must be resumed in spring.


must be light and permeable, must be mixed in equal parts sand and soil.


during flowering, every two weeks, give a liquid fertilizer diluted in the water of the watering trying not to directly wet the plant.


it reproduces by division of the rosettes of leaves, which emit roots, as well as by cutting of leaf or stem in spring.

In the latter case the cuttings must be watered when they are rooted.

Pests and diseases

the red spider generates brown blotches on the leaves.

Graptopetalum bellum: Varietà

G . Ametistinum has the appearance of a small shrub with the branches almost in relief on the ground. The leaves, distributed at the top of the stem, are gray-blue. G. Pachyphyllum very similar to the previous plant, but with whitish leaves. The G. Paraguayense has white – grey leaves with pink hues, it blooms in spring with small white flowers. G.Bellum is characterized by lasting spring flowers of a bright red.

Species suitable for apartment.


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