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Glottiphyllum nelii


G. arrectum: South African origin, height and diameter 10-15 cm. The leaves are thick and about five centimeters long, which become purple if the plant is in a sunny position. The flowers are 5-7 cm wide.

G. Nellii: South African origin, height and diameter 10-15 cm. It has opposite leaves, about five centimeters long, placed on the stem in two rows.

The leaves of each pair are of different lengths.


at a south-facing window.

Temperature: in winter it must not fall below ten degrees.


watering from mid-August until after flowering. Plants should not be watered too much, otherwise flowering will not occur. In other periods, watering is suspended and even if the plant withers, this is a natural phenomenon.

Fertilization: Give a liquid fertilizer diluted in the water of the watering every two weeks in the growing season.


Potting soil for cacti, with the addition of sand and gravel in equal parts.


is sown in spring at a temperature of twenty-one degrees; since the glottiphyllum hybridizes easily the seeds often produce plants with different characteristics from those desired. They are also multiplied by cutting stems with leaves.

Cuttings are made during the summer.

Glottiphyllum nelii: Pests

plants are attacked by cochineals that slow down their growth.


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