Gasteria verrucosa – Gasteria verrucosa – Fatty plants – Gasteria verrucosa – Succulent

a genus which includes 15-20 small succulent plants originating in South Africa. They are formed by rosettes of fleshy leaves, long and flat, united two by two, at times spirally placed, silky to the touch; the colour is dark green, usually with lines, dots or streaks of a paler colour. In spring, at the base of the leaves, grows a stem carrying several bell-shaped flowers, red, pink or white, which will be replaced by the seeds. G.

verrucosa is a species with paired leaves, of dark green colour, covered by white dots placed in transversal lines; G. carinata has rosettes of paired leaves, which assume various forms with the passing of the years, forming thick groups, with pink flowers.

Gasteria verrucosa


Gasteria verrucosa These plants do not like very much the direct light of the sun, which can cause sunburn on the leaves; they are therefore to be kept in a shady place, especially during the hottest periods of the year. In winter, they should be kept in the house, in a bright place, they can be cultivated as apartment plants, as they do not fear the dry winter heat caused by domestic heating.


do not need abundant amounts of water: from March to October water every 8-10 days, letting the soil dry well between one watering and the other. In winter, thin the watering, providing water every 10-15 days, or less. In the vegetative period, add succulent plant fertilizer to the water of the watering at least every 10-15 days.


use a mixture composed of sand, lapillus and universal balanced soil; always keep the gasworks in a very well drained substratum, which imitates in the best possible way the soil in which they grow in nature, which is usually rocky.


the gasteries tend to create new specimens connected to the mother plant through the roots, these small plants can be detached and repotted in single containers; in spring the seeds can be sown, or it is possible to practise some leaf cuttings, which root very easily.

Gasteria verrucosa: Parasites and diseases

can be attacked by red spiders and cochineal.

gasteria The Gasteria is a plant that belongs to the family of Aloaceae, very similar to the most famous Aloe and that counts more than
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