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Fockea edulis


Fockea edulis place in a sunny or even half-shaded position, with at least 4-5 hours of direct sunshine per day. These plants can bear temperatures close to zero for short periods, but it is advisable to keep them at a temperature always above 5-6°C, therefore in winter they should be kept indoors or in cold green houses; with cold winter climate the plants tend to lose their leaves, which will grow again in the spring.


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water regularly from March to October, but let the soil dry between one watering and the other; during the cold months water very little, leaving the soil mostly dry. During the vegetative period, provide some fertilizer for succulent plants, every 10-15 days, mixed with the water of the watering.


cultivate fockee in soil rich in humus and sand, or other incoherent material. When choosing the container, we prefer large enough pots, as the root system develops quite quickly and vigorously. These plants are climbing plants, so it is advisable to provide adequate support for the development of long branches.


occurs by seed, in spring; the plants thus obtained have a rather rapid development, even if the growth of the caudex is slow; it is good to remember that to obtain some fruits, and therefore some seeds, of fockea, it is necessary to have a female plant and a male plant. It is possible to propagate these plants also by cutting, utilizing small portions of the thin branches, even if the rooting is not always guaranteed and it will be difficult to get a plant with caudex.

Fockea edulis: Pests and diseases

leaves are often attacked by mites and cochineal.


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