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Carpobrotus Edulis

Eighty-eight figs

The name comes from the Greek: Carpos = fruit and Brotos = edible.

Origin: Province of Capo.

Stem: up to ninety centimetres high.

Leaves: they have a triangular section, with the lower edge keeled and indented, of a bright green colour.

Flowers: it blooms in summer with purple or yellow flowers, which become pink with time.

Fruits: they are edible and in certain regions of Africa are called Hottentot Figs.

  • Fico degli Ottentotti good morning, in two words: fig in pots in summer outside “beautiful” retired to the house near a door-window rivota to the west slowly slowly has “plagued” regular watering every 15 years …


at a south-facing window.

Temperature: well withstands high temperatures but is very afraid of cold.


resists drought, so watering must be moderate, it must be more abundant only during the flowering period.

Fertilization: Give a liquid fertilizer diluted in the water of the watering every two weeks in the period from May to July, every three to four weeks in the resting period.


Cactaceous soil with the addition of sand and gravel in equal parts.


cuttings are taken in autumn and spring. Sowing takes place in March at a temperature of fifteen degrees. The seedlings are planted definitively in May.

Cuttings are made during the summer.

Fig of the Hottentots – Carpobrotus: Parasites

plants are attacked by cochineals and aphids that slow down their growth.

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  • ottentotti good morning, in two words: fig tree in pots in summer outside “beautiful” retired to the house near a door-window
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