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aporocactus flagelliforme


the cactus are grown in a very bright position, possibly sunny; during the hot season it is best to shade the cacti slightly, to avoid that they come into excessive contact with sunlight.

For an abundant flowering, it is best to ensure that the plants have a period of winter rest, by placing the plants, from October to March, in an unheated place, with temperatures below 10°C; they can bear even short periods of frost, but usually they are cultivated in a place with a minimum temperature close to 5-8°C.


From March to September we suggest watering regularly, when the soil is dry; during the cold months we should avoid watering, especially if the plants are placed in a cold place; if grown in an apartment we should water only occasionally.


prefer loose soils, and very well drained; we use a compound consisting of a part of peat, a part of pozzolana and one of sand.


is carried out by division of the heads in autumn, or by seed in spring; in order to germinate the soil with the seeds, it must be kept in a place with a temperature higher than 18°C.

Mouse tail cocoa – Aporocactus flagelliforme: Parasites and diseases

like many other cacti, also the aporocactus are easily affected by the cochineal.

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