Adromischus cooperii – Adromischus cooperii – Fatty plants – Adromischus cooperii – Succulent

Adromischus cooperii


They prefer luminous positions, even sunny for a few hours a day; in spring and summer they can be taken outdoors, but during the cold season they need temperatures above 10°C, so they can be admitted in a temperate greenhouse or at home.

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From March to October, water regularly, when the soil is dry; during the cold season it water sporadically, specimens grown at 10-12 ° C can also be left with completely dry soil until spring. During the growing season, provide fertiliser for succulent plants, every 15-20 days, mixed with the water of the watering.


can be reproduced by division of the heads in spring or by leaf cutting. A young leaf is removed by cutting it with a knife, the wound is left to dry for one day in a warm environment, then the cutting is placed in a pot filled with a compound for paper. When new leaves sprout, the plant can be repotted.


it is useful to set up a very good drainage. Universal potting soil with a little sand is used.

Pests and diseases

the leaves are attacked by cochineals. A fungus causes dryness, which results in dry brown spots, which can cause the fall of the leaves: it is necessary to burn all the leaves affected. The rottenness of the base affects the plants grown in cold and wet conditions.

Adromischus cooperii: Varietà

A . Coopers with small grey-green leaves spotted of purple, with flattened and wavy margin. The flowers are light green purple in the centre. The other variety is the

A. Maculatus

Stem: with time it becomes swollen; it has a wallpapering habit and does not exceed ten centimetres in height.

The leaves are grey-green, with a waxy end and purple stained. They have a heart shape and wavy edge.

The flowers are white or purple.

  • adromischus My purple fat plant about 5 months old, does not grow even a little bit and loses leaves! That’s why I give her more water than the sun.
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