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tagliaerba grin per giardino

The choice of size based on square meters … and not only

grin tagliaerba The square meters to be cut will help me to choose the best suitable blade dimensions . But here, too, we must make further assessments. In the past, when there were only machines with harvesting baskets, there was a tendency to always buy very large machines because they had a large harvesting baskets and therefore give the possibility of stopping less times to empty them. So in the case of gardens of about 1,000 square meters the most suitable blade was about 53 cm.

If, on the other hand, I choose a non-harvesting machine such as the Grin lawnmower for extensions of about 1,000 square meters is more suitable for the smallest blade, the 46 cm one: in this way the machine is lighter and easier to handle and cutting times differ from 5 to 10 minutes compared to a 53 cm blade (a difference that for many is derisory and well compensated for by the fact of having a more comfortable machine in the “maneuvers”).

So we can define this ladder for a Grin machine with patented cut “Cut, don’t collect, don’t go to landfill”. :

– From 0 to 400 square meters the blade 37 cm

– From 200 to 1,200 square meters the blade of 46 cm

– From 1,000 sqm upwards the 53 cm blade

As you will notice there are some overlapping sizes: for example from 1,000 to 1,200 square meters are indicated both the blade of 46 and 53 cm … how do I choose?

In this case, points 3 and 4 of the above list apply. If we have so many plants and obstacles to get around it is better to choose the smallest car, if instead we have very open spaces then we will take the largest blade. If the user is a young and strong person he will have no problem in moving the machine with a 53 cm blade, vice versa, if the person is weaker he would be better off moving towards a lighter machine with a 46 cm blade.

If the weather is tyrannical and even the 5-10 minutes make the difference, take a 53 cm, if these few minutes of difference do not change your life opt for the 46 cm product.

To summarize and simplify it can be said that in general where with a machine with a collection basket I needed to use a blade of 53 cm with a Grin machine I can almost always use a blade of 46 cm. While where I was using a small tractor I can use a Grin lawnmower with a blade of 53 cm.

Which lawnmower is suitable for my garden?: Automatic drive or push mower, which one to choose?

tagliaerba senza raccolta grin Some lawnmowers are equipped with automatic traction By operating a lever, the wheels turn by themselves and help the operator to push the mower by reducing the effort required to move it. Other models are not equipped with this device.

In the Grin range you can choose between 4 push models or 8 models with traction.

Also in this case the difference between a machine with harvesting basket and a machine without harvesting as GRIN is remarkable. The machines with harvesting basket are generally heavier and bulkier because they have all the part of the frame that conveys the grass into the harvesting basket… and precisely the harvesting basket. In addition, as you fill the basket the weight of the machine increases, even up to double the weight with baskets full of wet grass.

The machines GRIN instead they are little bulky and therefore the thrust is less tiring, not having basket that you fill the weight always remains the initial one. In many cases, if you previously used a machine with a basket with traction, you can also choose a machine with traction. GRIN to push.

Let’s try to understand the differences between a machine GRIN and a thrust one, analyzing PRO e CONTRO to help you choose the right model.

Pushing machines GRIN are about 4-5 kg lighter than the trailed model. This difference in weight can be felt especially in manoeuvres (e.g. turning around a tree, pulling the car backwards, passing under a hedge, etc.) and during transport (e.g. if I have to climb steps to access the garden, lift the car to cut on raised beds or transport the lawnmower in the car to cut the garden of the second house).

Traction mowers are less tiring to push on straight stretches and slopes. But they are slightly more difficult to manoeuvre and handle due to the increase in weight.

It can also be summed up here that automatic traction is required above 1,000 square metres or in gardens with special slopes. Normally it is useless in gardens under 400 square meters where in 99% of cases the push machine is ideal. In the rest of the gardens evaluated as in the previous case, points 3 and 4. If the garden has long straight stretches (perhaps even uphill) the traction can help a lot, but if it has many obstacles that require many maneuvers, we recommend the push machine.

Pushing a car GRIN he push for long stretches may not be a problem for a young and strong user, but perhaps be more tiring for an elderly person with less strength.

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