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Front garden tractors are basically garden tractors with a front cutting deck. This allows you to reach places where with a classic lawn tractor you can not get, as under the benches, along the hedges and around the trees and to work in tight spaces, on the steepest slopes and on any type of terrain. In addition, the most advanced frontal tractors are designed to offer different working solutions for various needs.

The great variety of cutting options and the numerous accessories available allow the use of frontal lawn tractors from lawn cutting to snow removal, not bad if you consider the actual savings compared to buying two or more separate machines, another aspect to consider is the space that occupies a machine compared to what they can occupy two or more.

trattorini frontali

The Husqvarna front tractors

Rider Husqvarna R316T  AWD There are different versions of front tractors on the market, with different brands and different price ranges. Husqvarna’s riders, or front mowers, manage to combine technology, comfort, innovation, powerful engine and an excellent cutting deck in one machine; all aspects not to be underestimated in order to have a truly high level machine to be used in gardens approximately from 1,000 metres upwards.

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One tool for multiple functions

trattorino frontale Of course, the size of the garden counts up to a certain point because the versatility of these tools is extremely useful not only to perform various jobs compared to just mowing the grass, but also to mobilize waste grass, wood, hedges, in fact a front tractor of this type can be integrated with the cart transporting goods, the “trailer” in technical terms, very useful when moving materials from one area of the house or garden to another.

Versatility in the garden, the tractors with front cutting deck: the plus of the riders

rider rasaerba The plus of a lawnmower like that is:

– The articulated steering offers outstanding manoeuvrability and facilitates driving around trees or other obstacles, under curtains etc.

– The accessibility of the cut with a frontal cutting unit that offers excellent visibility of the work area, making it easier to finish the edges and reach the corners.

– The high-backed driver’s seat provides safety, stability and traction on both flat and sloping terrain, while the low centre of gravity contributes to excellent traction and maximum driving comfort.

– In the Rider Husqvarna Combi front lawn tractor models, the cutting plates are equipped with bio-shredding technology to transform the cut into natural fertilizer, resulting in a more lush and healthy lawn.

– The driving pleasure is guaranteed by the controls, the seat, the steering, designed to make you cut the lawn, having fun, in total comfort.

– Versatility with many matching accessories that allow you to use this frontal tractor all year round, equipping it with a sweeper, snowplough, fertilizer spreader, demuschiator.

– Some models have all-wheel drive to automatically adjust traction on all wheels and provide outstanding grip even on uneven, wet or damp terrain and on slopes.

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