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Why is the Grin frame unique?

telaio tagliaerba grin The Grin frame, in jargon it is called Chassis, is composed of a round shell and a tubular bearing frame on which are “hooked” the various components.

The Grin cap is built with a special technique of steel stamping. This technology allows to produce a shell with a thickness of 3mm of steel that is very uniform even in the curved area. The thickness of the materials and the construction technique guarantee extreme solidity and rigidity even without using ribs or crossbeams inside the cutting area, which would result in areas where the grass accumulates during mowing, worsening the cutting performance.

The tubular frame is also the result of modern construction technology that allows this frame to be bent with a single steel bar. This increases its rigidity and reduces the points of possible bending or breakage.

Another peculiarity is the fact that the two components are not assembled together by means of removable bolts or fixing points, but are welded together to create a single cover. This technique, much more expensive in terms of construction, however, ensures better performance and above all a greater duration over time.

Another interesting detail is the wheel axles. This part in a lawnmower is often underestimated, but it is of fundamental importance to ensure good performance during cutting and prolonged use over time. The axles of the Grin machines are reinforced and consist of an internal drawn combined with an external tubular that acts as a guide. This construction, combined with very thick steel wheel plates, makes the machine solid even for the most “violent” uses.

This very special Grin frame is also very special for the mounting of the traction (present in models with automatic advancement). The company has designed the machine so that the traction works effortlessly and with a unique “suspended” system. This ensures that the belt always works in perfect tension, drastically reducing maintenance work on this part. The belt is also enclosed in a box that prevents dirt and mud from impairing its functionality.

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The construction of Grin lawnmowers: For those who cut on uneven ground

cono salvamotore tagliaerba grin Often, Grin cutting makes you want to use the machine also on lawns and soils where previously brush cutters or even shredders were used. Given this intense and unusual use for a lawnmower about 5 years ago the company introduced a device called Cono Salvamotore.

This device, of which we recommend you to see the video, comes into operation when the blade, during cutting, accidentally hits an obstacle (for example a stone, a root or other). The steel cone, combined with the Grin frame, absorbs the impact and minimizes the consequences of accidents of this type. In the event of a breakage of the blade-holder hub, the replacement system is convenient, quick and inexpensive and can be carried out directly by the operator.

The motor protection cone is fitted as standard on the Grin line called PM while it can be mounted as an option on the whole line HM .

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