The advantages of Grin lawnmowers compared to traditional mulching – Lawnmower

“Cutting, not collecting, not going to landfill”: this is the claim that well defines the cutting system patented by Grin for its lawnmowers, not to be confused with the traditional mulching cutting system. Both are based on a non-harvesting cut, but each is designed for different needs.

This is where the two cutting systems differ:


Grin lawnmowers allow you to maintain cutting heights and frequencies equal to those of a machine with harvesting.

With a Traditional Mulching you can get the same result only by cutting the grass more than once a week, in periods of strong growth, and only when it is very low.


Grin, in the usual cutting conditions, reduces the grass into very fine fragments, which are deposited on the ground, making it easier to absorb in the form of fertilizer

With traditional Mulching cutting, pieces of grass always remain on the lawn surface under normal cutting conditions.

This makes it absorbable by the soil and risks suffocating the turf.


I Grin lawn mowers guarantee even better performance when cutting with wet grass than a machine with harvesting.

With Traditional Mulching cutting, the size of the canopy makes cutting with wet grass complex and difficult.

I Grin lawnmower This will allow you to store a turf with the same habits as a machine with a collection basket.

tagliaerba grin

With Grin the pulverized grass is absorbed as fertilizer from the soil

grin brevetto tagliaerba The grass worked with Grin under the usual cutting conditions is fine and is deposited between the blades of the era in contact with the ground, which can absorb it in the form of natural fertilizer. In this way, the aesthetic effect of the cut is similar to that of a machine with a collection basket.

The grass cut with a traditional mulching, in the usual cutting conditions, breaks up and remains on the surface making it difficult for the soil to absorb it with the risk of accumulation and suffocation of the lawn. In this way, especially when dry, it remains visible on the turf and is unsightly.

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The special Grin cap contains a large amount of grass

tagliaerba senza raccolta grin The Grin cap is about 30% higher than traditional mulching machines. The shape and positioning of the blade make the volume of a Grin cap about 50% higher than with traditional mulching machines. This means that more grass is processed in a Grin machine, for longer and with less overload problems. This makes Grin much more efficient in medium-high grass than a traditional mulching system.

The advantages of the Grin mower compared to traditional mulching: The Grin mower is designed to spray the grass

apparto di taglio Grin The Grin cutting device consists of a patented blade built with a special shape and materials. The blade is mounted in combination with a patented propeller disc in a particular position of the shell. These two elements in combination with the shape of the shell allow the creation of a centrifugal action vortex that keeps the material in suspension to be able to work for a long time in a fine way.

The cutting apparatus of a mulching machine is normally composed of a curved blade that cuts the grass into several pieces. Initially during mowing and then in relapse. When the length of the grass to be cut exceeds 8-10 cm, the cut pieces are large and visible.

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