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One of the fundamental tools for gardening is represented by a beautiful pair of shears, essential for pruning operations. They are useful not only for the gardener but also for the horticulturist and the fruit grower. Its purpose is to reliably cut branches to achieve a reduction of the canopy of the shrub. With this guide we will show you the main features to choose the best shears for your gardening work.

The shears are useful for cutting woody branches, plants and weeds with a diameter of up to two centimeters, for cuts larger than these dimensions you need to turn to other types of tools such as a pruner or a gardener’s saw that allows for example to prune the thickest branches of the peach. Rely on professional and not generic pruning shears to improve quality and wear resistance.

Cesoia giardinaggio

The quality of the shears

Cesoia qualità As with other cutting tools it is very important to buy a pair of good quality pruning shears and not the cheapest ones. In the cheap models the type of material used will be simple steel. In higher quality models we will first find coated steel that are more resistant to liquids, especially to the sap that can impregnate the normal steel. The higher models are those made of carbon, a lighter and more resistant material, which guarantees a longer life in time.

The best pruning shears are also equipped with an ergonomic handle that allows a better grip and firmer. Another element to consider is the quality of the spring that acts as a pivot for the two curved blades. Numerous spare parts are also available for the higher quality models.

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Secondary aspects of shears

Cesoie tagliarami Other elements to consider when purchasing a pair of pruning shears are, for example, the coating of the handle. A quality pair of pruning shears normally has the blades fused with the handles in one body. Although the advancement of technology has brought as metal in the blades also aluminum and carbon. The presence of a safety hook is important. This serves to lock the blade when not in use.

Needless to say, a poor or non-existent clamping could prove serious damage to your hands in case of inattention. Some models are also equipped with the scorrisucco, a special system that allows the sap to flow out of the cutting point, thus solving the problems of cleaning. Finally, the micrometic regulator allows you to adjust the cutting head or to ensure the right distance of the blades.

Shears: The best for pruning

Modello cesoie felco Some of the most popular and appreciated models for pruning to achieve a professional result are: Felco 5, a Swiss brand of pruning products, is suitable for ornamental plants. It reaches a cut of about 2.5 cm. The tool is suitable for medium and large hands. The Felco 7, with a considerable weight of almost 300 gm, is one of the top of the range. It costs about 60€ and has very strong blades in tempered steel, a soft handle that minimizes muscle stress.

Felco 310, on the other hand, is suitable for harvesting and allows a cut of about 1 cm. It arrives easily even in the most difficult places. The Betakut 874 is suitable for pruning ornamental plants, has an ergonomic handle in PVC . Interchangeable carbon blades.