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tagliaerba grin con avviamento elettrico

How the electric starter system works

sistema di avviamento elettrico per tagliaerba grin The starting system is really very simple and practical. The battery is charged with a special charger and then applied to the top of the engine. You pull the red safety lever of the Grin mower and press the button on the handle … and you’re done!

To load the battery completely takes about an hour of time and once applied on the lawnmower guarantees more than 50 starts . This means that it can last even a whole season of cuts, depending on how many times during the cut I turn the machine on and off. If I find myself with a low battery and I have to cut? No problem because in about 10 minutes the battery will be ready to guarantee me about 10 starts: surely enough to cut the lawn.

In short, really an effective novelty that is having a great response on the market, also because the price increase compared to the traditional model with rope start is contained in 150.00 euros.

Lawnmower with electric starter: Which Grin lawnmowers can I choose with electric starter

tagliaerba grin The Grin range with electric starter consists of 3 models: HM46 IINSTART , HM46A INSTART , HM53A INSTART which are suitable for gardens ranging from 200 to 3,000 square meters.

The model GRIN HM46 INSTART is suitable for gardens from 200 to 800 square meters on the flat or with slight slopes . The amazing feature of this lawnmower is its manoeuvrability: its compact frame, the wheels on ball bearings, the low weight and the practical design of the structure make it an ideal machine for disentangling between trees, flowerbeds, paths and all the other obstacles that there are in the garden.

The lack of traction is not perceived on flat lawns: Grin lawn mowers do not have a collection basket so the weight of the machine is reduced and especially does not increase with the filling of the basket. Push Grin HM46 is simple and comfortable for everyone and in the “maneuvers” I do not even have the friction of traction

The model GRIN HM46A INSTART is suitable for gardens from 400 to 1,200 square meters flat or with slopes differs from the HM46 model in that it is equipped with automatic traction. The traction unit, made of oil-immersed watertight aluminium box, is reliable and powerful. The innovative traction concept, supported by the “Grin suspended axles”, increases the impact resistance and preserves the mechanism over time.

Its 46 cm cut allows for fast mowing of up to 1,200 square metres of lawn and even more, while still maintaining extreme manoeuvrability in the narrowest stretches of garden, in sloping areas and during transport. 

The model GRIN HM53A INSTART differs from the previous two because it has a larger blade, by 53 cm. It is recommended for those who must mow lawns larger than 1,000 -1,200 square meters . Compared to the smaller model, the one with 46cm blade, is more comfortable in open spaces, where the larger size cut saves time in mowing activities.

Also in this model we find an automatic traction in watertight aluminium box with a reliable and powerful oil bath, which guarantees to move without problems the biggest lawnmower of the Grin range with electric starter.

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