Grin – Lawnmower with patented non-harvesting cut

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How the Grin patent works

brevetto Grin tagliaerba The patented “Cut, don’t collect, don’t go to landfill” cutting system designed by Grin allows the grass to be pulverized during mowing, thus avoiding the need to collect it in a basket, store it and dispose of it in landfill.

The cut grass remains suspended for a few fractions of a second inside the patented Grin shell, where it is then centrifuged and pulverized by a vortex generated by the movement of the patented Grin blade and by the effect of a propeller disc placed near the blade.

In this way, the grass loses most of its volume and is reduced to very small and virtually invisible particles, which fall directly on the ground (do not remain on the surface of the turf!) and are absorbed in a very short time.

With Grin the grass is processed optimally inside the shell, reducing everything into fine particles that become an excellent fertilizer for lawn! The aesthetic effect after cutting, under normal conditions, is identical to that of a machine with harvesting. The shell is so wide and smooth that during the cut there are no problems of filling and clogging, typical of machines with basket.

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  • tagliaerba grin “Cutting, not collecting, not going to landfill”: this is the claim that well defines the cutting system patented by Grin for its lawnmowers, not to be confused with the traditional system of cutting muzzles.
  • tagliaerba grin Grin lawnmowers are famous for the “Cut, don’t collect, don’t go to landfill” cutting system, which is capable of pulverizing the grass.

    This type of cut is unique in its kind and guarantees the best results….

Grin patented non-harvesting lawnmower: The choice of model and the lawn test

taglia erba grin Grin turned to the best dealers on the market for marketing, who immediately appreciated the technical characteristics of these lawnmowers.

The challenge for the Grin brand was also to find a distribution network that would be available for the field test drive. In fact, there is no better way to appreciate Grin cutting than to take a machine and try to mow the grass. This choice, unusual for this category of products, proved to be a winning one. Often the user does not realize, without seeing it with his own eyes, the uniqueness of the cut “Cut, do not collect, do not go to landfill”.

In Italy, more than 200 dealers, in various ways, are available for a free trial before purchase: a truly innovative and interesting way for the sector.

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