Gardening, the Stihl – Chainsaw Compact system

Sistema a batteria Compact


CEP Pruning chainsaw PN2500-2B cc25

Price: on offer on Amazon a: 85€

Chainsaw MSA 120 C-BQ for solid wood

Chainsaw MSA  120 C-BQ  stihl All devices belonging to the Stihl Compact system, from hedge trimmers to brushcutters, work with the same compact battery, which must therefore simply be replaced if necessary. The battery is charged externally and then secured in the battery compartment; the standard charger with operating status indicator (LED ) and passive cooling is compatible with both batteries AP than with the batteries AK of Stihl.

The Compact system includes the motorbike sign MSA 120 C-BQ The new system features a soft handle, a quick chain tensioner, a QuickStop Super chain brake, an oil tank with a transparent inspection window and a PM3 1/4″ chain.

Chainsaw MSA 140 C-BQ Maximum functionality

Chainsaw MSA  140 C-BQ  stihl Another device belonging to the Stihl Compact system is the light battery chainsaw MSA 140 C-BQ with high cutting performance (25 percent higher than the model). MSA 120 C-BQ ) for the realization of simple handicrafts. Other features of the device: soft handle, easy chain replacement thanks to the quick chain tensioner, QuickStop Super chain brake, oil tank with transparent inspection window, PM3 1/4″ chain. The narrow cut and reduced vibrations ensure extremely precise work.

Hedge trimmers HSA 56, practical and silent

Hedge trimmer HSA  56 stihl Stihl’s Compact System motorised products are extremely quiet; the time has ended when it was necessary to withstand loud and extremely annoying noises when pruning hedges or carrying out other garden work. The cordless hedge trimmer HSA 56 is very light and guarantees high cutting performance for trimming bushes and hedges in domestic areas. It has sharp knives on one side only, the distance between the teeth is 30 mm, the cut protection is integrated, the guide guard is screwed on.

In addition, there is a two-handed control for safe operation.

Blower BGA 56 with adjustable tube

Blower BGA  56 stihl Round nozzle, soft handle, good weight distribution, blowing tube adjustable to three lengths for optimal application of the blowing force during use: these are the main features of the ergonomic cordless blower BGA 56, also part of the Stihl Compact system. The slim shape of this device increases its handling, thanks to the adjustable blowing tube you can adapt it to your height making it less fatigue. Removing dry leaves has never been easier. The battery is fixed with a single click.

Brushcutter FSA 56, high performance

Brushcutter FSA  56 stihl How to close the battery compartment of the Stihl Compact battery system equipment? With a new accessory, i.e. a cover. If not used for a long time, it protects against dust and dirt. This also applies, of course, to the battery-powered brushcutter. FSA 56, thanks to which it is possible to achieve high mowing performance.

Main features: 280 mm cutting circumference diameter, soft grip, tool-free grip adjustment, infinitely adjustable length, mowing line can be automatically pulled out by tapping the mowing head on the ground.

Gardening, Stihl’s Compact System: Lawnmower MA 235, compact and adjustable

Lawnmower MA  235 stihl The highlight of the Stihl Compact system for gardening is undoubtedly the compact cordless lawnmower MA 235, perfect for work on small areas. The handlebar can be tilted, the cutting height can be adjusted centrally, the 30-litre grass catcher can be tilted to indicate the filling level. You can adapt the unit to your height, so that you can operate with maximum comfort. For more information on equipment and technical data, please refer to the Viking catalogue 2017.