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Zelkova serrata: Answer: Zelkova serrata

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Belonging to the Ulmaceae family, Zelkova is the most widely grown variety in the form of bonsai, almost since the origin of ancient art. It has oval leaf, very elongated and toothed, deciduous. As a bonsai it is cultivated for the beautiful autumn coloring of its foliage. It requires abundant watering, always trying to keep the soil slightly moist during the good season, thinning out a lot the

administration of water after the fall of the leaves. Watering should always be done by putting the water, even with the fertilizer, in the saucer. for what concerns repotting is advisable to do it before the opening of the buds, so it is better to wait until next year. Zelkova can be kept outdoors in a place protected from direct sunlight in summer and winter, in the sun in spring and autumn.

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