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As with any type of bonsai, even the Olive must be watered regularly and only when the ground in the pot is completely dry: to be sure just press a finger on the soil. If the finger has no trace of moisture then it is possible to proceed with irrigation. The frequency with which the Olive bonsai should be watered is variable and depends on the size of the pot and the plant, the type of exposure available, the season and finally the type of soil used.

During the coldest seasons, such as autumn and winter, more time will have to pass between one watering and the other, while in spring and summer, when vegetative activity is resumed, irrigation will become more and more frequent.

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How to take care of the Olive tree

olivo bonsai in vaso To provide the best care to the Olive bonsai must begin with the transplant, to be carried out always and only at the resumption of vegetative activity and then in the hot season. You have to extract the plant from the pot, and cut a third of the root system and then put it immediately in a pot more appropriate to its stage of growth. The pot must be proportionate to the size of the trunk and canopy of the small tree and it is always necessary to use a special soil.

Repotting should be carried out about every two years for the youngest olive trees and for adult plants, every three or four years. Pruning should also be carried out when vegetative activity resumes.

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How to fertilize olive bonsai

esemplare olivo bonsaiProperly fertilizing olive bonsai means growing it healthy and resistant, providing it with the nutrition it needs in nature. The ideal fertilizer for Olivo bonsai is the slow release organic-based one: it is mixed with water to make sure that the roots absorb the necessary quantity. Olive bonsai requires two fertilization cycles, in spring and autumn, i.e.

from March to June and then from August to October and the fertilizer should be administered once a month (four times during the spring, only two times during the beginning of autumn). During the summer and winter periods, however, the fertilization will be suspended.

The Olive Bonsai: Olive Bonsai exposure and diseases

Foglie gialle olivo The Olive bonsai does not live inside the home, it should always be kept outside even when the temperature seems too cold. Rather, you must prepare to face the winter by sheltering the roots, wrapping the pot with nylon. During the summer period, however, it must be protected from direct sunlight and kept in a sufficiently shady position: the sun’s rays can damage the health of the olive tree, dry the soil very quickly and in some cases can even cause burns to the leaves.

The Olive tree suffers from water stagnation, a condition that can cause the root system to rot.

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