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how can I treat the elm with leaves that turn yellow and under are full of small insects? current period (June) and then fall continuously others, can I treat them with sulfur plus copper? or do you need an insecticide? thank you.

Response : elm diseases

Dear Renato,

The yellowing of the elm leaves can be due to various factors, including the presence of animal parasites, especially red spiders, but not having a picture of your plant is difficult to understand what animals are. If they are red spiders, the leaves should be covered with a thousand different yellow or white spots, due to the bite of these mites, but you should not see them with the naked eye, as they are very small, and among the leaves you should see some thin spider web.

However, it could also be insects, such as aleurodids, buzzers, aphids: it depends a lot on how you grow the plant, and on the climate around it. Not being able to know what parasite it is, you can try to bring a leaf with unwanted guests to a garden center, to see if they can help you, or treat the plant with a systemic insecticide, which will circulate throughout the plant, eradicating any insect or mite on it. But yellowed leaves can also be a symptom of various other problems:

– Excess sunshine: many hours of direct sunlight during the warm months can quickly cause the yellowing of the foliage, which dries and falls; even plants that love direct sunlight, during the hot season, should be grown in half shade, so that they are sheltered from direct sunlight in the hottest hours of the day; however it also avoids total shade.

– Fungal diseases, favoured by a high humidity of the soil; excessive watering, which keeps the soil always soaked in water, can favour the development of rottenness; against such diseases, it is necessary to furnish the piata with a systemic fungicide, which enters in circulation in the plant, in way to kill the parasites.

– Watering problems: Excessive or insufficient watering can cause the foliage to dry out due to drought or asphyxiation of the roots which are constantly immersed in water. The small pots for bonsai contain a small amount of soil, and the roots of the small trees are few, for this reason any change to their ideal condition of cultivation can cause considerable damage in a short time.

When the foliage of a bonsai yellow then it is not enough to consider the most obvious causes of the problem, those that stand out simply by looking at the plant, rather it is always good to consider everything that may have happened to the plant, indeed, upstream, it would be appropriate to try to cultivate a bonsai always in ideal climatic conditions.

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