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Bonsai ginseng is a dwarf reproduction of the original plant that is obtained through specific operations of pruning. All watering operations of bonsai ginseng should be carried out regularly, checking that all the soil surrounding the dwarf plant is moistened, making sure that the water does not stagnate. Consequently, proceed with watering as soon as you notice that the soil begins to dry and dry, avoiding continuous pouring of water if the plant does not really need it.

Remember that if the soil remains soaked for too long, you risk killing the roots by suffocating them. A tip we can give you is to place a saucer containing clay wet with water, allowing the roots to live in the right humidity without accumulating stagnation.

Innaffiare il bonsai ginseng

How to take care of bonsai ginseng

Esemplari di bonsai ginsengTaking care of the bonsai ginseng is quite simple, remember that you do not need special attention regarding watering, to keep it in the best way you must ensure that the soil is not too dry or impregnated with water, but slightly moist.the ideal period in which to carry out all the operations of pruning is spring. These operations contribute to the care and maintenance of the dwarf plant.

once the practice of pruning is completed, towards the end of spring, repot the trees, or replace the old soil of the bonsai with new soil. During this operation, take advantage of it to reduce the roots of the plant, being careful not to exaggerate. While applying metal wire to the canopy and branches to make it take the shape you like, be careful not to break the branches.

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How and when to fertilize bonsai ginseng

Bonsai ficus ginseng Another important operation for the care of bonsai ginseng, is the fertilization Since this type of plant develops and grows throughout the year, needs a regular and constant fertilization.

there are many types of fertilizers and fertilizers to treat your bonsai ginseng, the important thing is to rely on specialized people able to advise you the most suitable for the cause.Remember that each type of fertilizer contains several principles, for example, nitrogen promotes the development of the leaves of plants, this means that exaggerate too much with a certain substance (as in the case of nitrogen) you can find yourself with a bonsai dwarf structurally speaking, but with a foliage too thick with disproportionate leaves, so get advice from those who specialize in what product is best to rely on.

Bonsai Ginseng: Where to place the bonsai ginseng

Curare il bonsai ginseng Taking care of bonsai ginseng also means placing it in the right place according to the different seasons of the year trying as much as possible to please him.

during the summer season is recommended to leave the plant outdoors, especially during the spring, without leaving it under the scorching sun of July and August.When the season starts to change and temperatures drop, it is the case to put the bonsai back inside the house, the important thing is that it can take sunlight for about 5 hours a day. Carry out regular checks to verify if the plant has been attacked by pests or any disease, thus managing to defeat them promptly.

you may notice if the leaves fall very frequently or if the soil can not absorb the water of watering.

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