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The bonsai ficus is a tree native to the subtropical and tropical areas of the globe and is part of the large family of Moraceae. This plant, usually placed in embellishment inside the houses, has normal need to be wet, depending mainly on its location and the climatic season.

If placed in excessively hot and dry places of the house, it needs considerable and constant irrigation, where instead a slight daily moistening is sufficient, if the tree is placed in a cool environment and the soil is present on average moist. Although it is normally able to withstand scarce or, vice versa, abundant watering, it is always necessary to dose the periodic sprays carefully, in order to avoid the possible onset of diseases or weakening of the tree or its roots.

Bonsai ficus in interno

How to take care of the bonsai plant

rinvaso bonsai ficus As already mentioned, the bonsai is typically a plant to be placed inside the house and it is advisable to equip it with saucer with components of clay or other materials that can retain water, and then release it gently in the form of moisture. In fact, the ficus comes from areas with humid tropical climate and prefers this type of environment to thrive.

Periodically, usually in spring, the plant must be repotted in order to avoid that the soil remains free of nutrients or that the roots fill the pot completely, thus preventing the normal nourishment of the tree. In this operation, care must be taken not to remove the soil from the roots altogether, leaving a sufficient amount at the base of the stem.

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The fertilization of bonsai ficus

pianta bonsai ficus As far as fertilization is concerned, simple rules must be followed. As a rule, the tree lives in a small pot and must therefore be fertilized regularly, in order to ensure the right nutrients needed. Fertilization should be carried out more quickly in the period of spring – summer, more or less every week, and preferably monthly during the cold season. solid fertilizers can be used, also called slow release, or liquid, whether they are peculiar to bonsai plants or generic.

Organic fertilizers are very much in use and are appreciated for their excellent ability to keep the substrate alive and vital. In the period after repotting, it is not recommended to use fertilizers for about 30 days.

Bonsai Ficus: Positioning and exposure of bonsai trees

ficus bonsai The bonsai ficus should be placed normally inside the house, even for the duration of the year. at the end of spring and in summer, however, the tree can also be placed outside, in a bright and unshaded, with temperatures as constant as possible and with good overall humidity.

Although the ficus resists to the sunlight, it always seems preferable to protect it from direct exposure during the hottest days, to avoid damage to the autumn and winter, however, it is necessary to place the plant inside the house, especially when the outside temperature is rigid or at least below 10°. Below this temperature, in fact, the tree tends progressively to weaken, developing possible diseases and loss of foliage.

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