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ficus elsatica A great classic. The F. Benjamina, with its wide and airy foliage and the small and shiny leaves, knows how to give liveliness and lightness to the apartments; the F. elastica, on the contrary, has bigger and leathery leaves, often with nice variegations in the white and in the pink, is an exceptional point of attraction. They want places with a lot of indirect light and always humid substratum, but without stagnations.

Platycerium biforcatum

platycerium This fern will surely attract the attention of your guests: its foliage resembles large elk horns, initially of a beautiful velvety green, then brown. We can keep it in a pot, but it gives the best of itself as falling from hanging baskets or from a wall, with the roots clinging to cork. It wants high temperatures, a lot of humidity and indirect light.


capelvenere A common fern also in our territory; the very elegant black stems contrast magnificently with the light triangular leaves, of a lively and very fresh green. It is ideal for damp and shady environments like closed bathrooms. It wants frequent spraying of the canopy and always fresh substrate, but without stagnation.


photos The Epipremnum aureum has always been highly appreciated for its ease of cultivation. It adapts to different locations, from bright to shady, varying only the speed of growth and intensity of the mottling. For the rest it needs only frequent irrigations and good humidity. The beautiful heart-shaped leaves are arranged on long lianas that we can tie to supports, use as drooping or run horizontally.

Pilea Peromioides

peperonia One of the most recent introductions in the Italian panorama. It stands out for its particular round leaves and, given its modest size, is ideal for enhancing small spaces. To grow, it should be kept in a bright position and should be watered and sprayed frequently, but also tolerates drought and is therefore suitable for those who can not be assiduous in maintenance.

Caladium bicolor

caladiumThe ideal plant for those who want a touch of color in their apartment. Medium in size, it has colourful sagittate leaves: from more or less intense green to pink, red and white. If kept in a warm, bright and humid environment, and properly fertilized, can have a very vigorous growth, it is not uncommon to see it produce the beautiful white and yellow spathe.


Ctenanthe Originally from Brazil, thanks to their colours and medium size, they are easily placed in a modern apartment. Their strong point is the refinement of the leaves, slender and supported by a long petiole. The top page, striped and colorful, contrasts beautifully with the back, often red or crimson. It wants high temperatures and humidity, as well as a bright environment.

Zamioculcas zamifolia

zamioculcas A recent introduction that has been enormously successful thanks to its special appearance, great adaptability and resistance. It is a semi-succulent with shiny, intense green leaves arranged in parallel on upright and vertical stems. Perfect in modern settings, it just wants a very bright exposure and regular irrigation without stagnation.


sansevieria This relative of the agave is back in fashion. The flat-leaved tri-phasciata species has always been common in the apartments, but recently it has been almost replaced by the cyylindric, which, on the contrary, has conical and extremely flexible ones. They live well in luminous positions, but adapt to darker corners. Irrigation must be modest. They are enhanced by vases of contemporary shapes and materials.

Top ten green plants of apartment: Monstera

monstera A piece of rainforest at our house! Vigorous and easy to grow plants: they only want light, regular irrigation and fertilization. In return, they will give us their very long stems, which we can tie to a guardian, and the spectacular perforated leaves, with deeply carved edges.

In summer it’s easy to find them printed on the furnishing fabrics: we can create wonderful combinations!

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