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SpathiphyllumThe elegance of the foliage, dark green, shiny and elongated, is flanked by that of the spathes that stand majestic, in their white. It is a tolerant plant, but it gives its best in bright and warm positions. We water frequently, but without stagnation; regular fertilizations guarantee vigorous growth and abundant “flowering”.


saintpauliaThe pretty African violet, also suitable for those who have little space, but want to enjoy very long blooms! There are all sizes and in a wide range of nuances: excellent for if you want to create a collection. They want filtered but intense light, very moderate irrigation and a constant supply of fertilizer, especially in the summer.

Christmas star

This euphorbia is very popular during the winter holidays: thanks to the colored bracts it has become one of the symbols of Christmas. It is actually a small shrub and, with a bit of attention, can be maintained from year to year. It is sufficient to ensure light and high ambient humidity, while avoiding excessive irrigation, which causes radical rottenness. Fears cold currents.


The most popular orchid and perhaps the simplest: it wants a bright, warm and humid environment as well as an inert, but draining and aerated substrate. Watering only when the roots are silvery, we will protect ourselves from dangerous rottenness. A little cold in winter (about 10°C) followed by a good fertilization will induce the production of flower stems. Of great impact if grown on bark slats.


The wax flower is loved for its strength, the fleshy and persistent leaves and especially for the particular flowers, waxy in appearance, collected in bunches and extremely fragrant. Depending on the species (the most common only the beautiful and the fleshy) and the deportment we can make it grow along a trellis or in a suspended basket. It wants rich soil, intense light, but filtered and a lot of moisture.


A recent introduction that is enjoying enormous success. The leaves, luxuriant and slender, in the summer are surmounted by grandiose inflorescences, composed of pink, purple or orange bracts. It wants high temperatures, filtered light, moderate humidity, but abundant fertilization. In winter we can let it go into dormancy, reducing interventions.


It has always embellished our homes with its shiny leaves and colourful and flashy spatas. The most common and easy to cultivate have scarlet red or white white. The best results will be obtained by imitating the climate of the rainforest: intense but filtered light, hot and humid environment. In summer we can water often and give fertilizer, in winter we reduce significantly.


This orchid is in fashion for the charm of its flowering, abundant, colorful and sometimes even fragrant. Nowadays, in particular the noble species, is found everywhere on the market, in shades from white to deep pink. It wants bark substrate, partial shade, high humidity and frequent irrigation, especially in the summer, when fertilization must be monthly.


Dedicated to those who want Africa in their own home! This plant deserves a prominent place already only for the lush leaves, lanceolate and supported by a long petiole. From the armpits, then, develop the wonderful crested flowers, in contrasting colors, very durable. It wants full light, but temperatures around 20°C. In the vegetative season the irrigations and fertilizations must be frequent. The reginae and the nicolai are very beautiful.

The best flowering plants of apartment: magnificent Medinilla

The name couldn’t describe it better: this epiphyte, with its big leathery and shiny leaves with veins in evidence, from spring produces enormous (up to 40 cm) and wonderful panicles hanging from pink to red with contrasting basal bracts. Growing it in hanging baskets will make the most of it! It wants bright filtered light, moderate irrigation and high humidity.

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