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pianta Capelvenere The Adiantum venustum should not be exposed to direct sunlight and prefers shady areas, being a plant that in nature develops in the undergrowth. It fears the winter cold, therefore it is to be admitted in the house, even if it does not particularly love the dry heat of the heating, it is therefore advisable to place it in a room of the house not too much heated, remembering to increase the atmospheric humidity rate by vaporizing, at least once a week, with distilled water.

The ideal temperature for the cultivation of the Capelvenere is around 18 °C.

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foglie adiantum Watering for the Adiantum venustum must be abundant and regular in summer and, during the whole vegetative period, the soil must be kept always humid but not soaked, as the water stagnations are harmful.

With the arrival of the first cold weather it is better to thin the watering, and provide water once every 10-15 days, waiting for the soil to dry up a little before watering again, but if the plant is kept in a heated place is appropriate to water it more often. On hot days, then, it is advisable to spray the leaves of the water at room temperature to allow the plant of Adiantum venustum to enjoy the right level of humidity.

During the period from March to October it is advisable to add fertilizer for green plants to the water of the watering, every two weeks or so.


adiantum The Adiantum venustum plants like a very fertile, well drained and soft soil; for this reason it is advisable to use universal soil with addition of peat and sand.

They are plants with a rather rapid growth, for this reason it is best to repot them in the spring season.


The Capelvenere plant can be reproduced through spores but not always this system gives results. The simplest system is by rhizome division in spring. Rhizomes are planted in pots with a mixture of soil, peat and sand in equal parts. The pots are kept in a protected place in the shade and in a humid atmosphere.

Maidenhair – Adiantum venustum: Pests and diseases

capelvenere pianta Little earth pigs feed on their roots. Root scale insects attack the root system; leaf miners cause large black spots in the leaf tissue.

These plants can also suffer from fungal diseases resulting from excessive soil moisture and can be attacked by cochineals; if their presence is limited, you can intervene manually, eliminating them with the help of a cloth or a cotton ball with alcohol. Otherwise it is advisable to use a specific product.

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