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Azalea indica


fiore azalea indica The plants of azalea indicates are grown as indoor plants, so at a minimum temperature of 10-12 ° C, in fact they would be rustic species, but the forced cultivation in the greenhouse suggests to be very careful when placing them outdoors: you can try to plant them in the garden at the beginning of spring, possibly in a sheltered place.

In general, indoor azaleas should be grown in a bright place, but where they are not affected by sunlight for excessively long periods of time, especially during the hottest months of the year.

  • Azalea Azalea is not a genus in itself, but is part of the rhododendron genus. This genus is divided into two groups: the rhododendrons, large evergreen or deciduous shrubs, and the azaleas, dwarf shrubs….
  • Rhododendron Azaleas and rhododendrons belong to the same botanical genus, the genus rhododendron, which brings together about five hundred species of shrubs of various sizes, originating in Asia, Europe and northern Asia.

  • Rododendro Rhododendrons belong to the genus Rhododendron, which includes several species of shrubs, including the so-called Azalea; the name comes from the Greek, and means rose tree, and well represented in the…
  • azalea I wanted to know, please, how to treat it, where to keep it, whether at home or away, the type of exposure to light, the type of soil, fertilization, potting, etc…


azalea indica fiore To achieve good growth and lush development of azalea indica, we recommend soaking the plant by soaking the pot in a bucket full of water for about an hour and then removing the excess letting it drain. In summer, if the plant is left outside, it needs scarce and frequent watering, so as to keep the soil fairly moist, but not excessively soaked with water.

From the fall of the flowers until mid-summer we recommend to fertilize the indoor azaleas every two weeks with a fertilizer for heather. If the plant has just been repotted, it is not necessary to fertilise because the fresh soil is already sufficiently nourishing.


fiori azalea The multiplication of this kind of plants for getting new specimens can be done by seed, at the beginning of spring, keeping the compost from seed in a sheltered place and not too cold until germination, the plants are repotted in individual containers as soon as they put at least a pair of leaves, will be planted the following spring. We can also take cuttings, at the beginning of the summer, which are to be rooted in a mixture of sand and peat in equal parts.


To grow well, azaleas of this kind need a fertile and light soil with good braking characteristics, so as to avoid the formation of radical rot. The soil should have an acidic component, not calcareous as, in the presence of this element, the leaves tend to yellow quickly.

The repotting must be carried out in the late winter period, when the plant has occupied all the available space.

Indoor Azalea – Azalea indica: Diseases and parasites

azalea fiori Azaleas can be affected by certain problems, linked to environmental factors, or to the intervention of certain parasites. In case of excessive soil moisture, root rot may occur; the plant may be affected by a particular fungal disease, which causes the withering of the leaves. In this case it is important to intervene quickly, eliminating all diseased parts, then using copper-based products to counter the possibility that this problem recurs.

The red spider, then, can lead to leaves with yellow spots. To eliminate the problem, it may be sufficient to spray water to increase the ambient humidity, a factor not tolerated by these parasites.

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  • pianta azalea One of the operations to which more attention must be paid in the cultivation of azalea is that of watering the azalea.
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