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fatshedera lizei


foglie falsa edera The plants of Fatshedera lizei, also known as false ivy, grow in any condition, from full sun to full shade, preferring semi-shaded positions, with a few hours of direct light per day. They are usually cultivated as apartment plants, even if they can bear temperatures below zero, especially the already developed plants. Therefore, if desired, they can be planted in full earth, where they can be cultivated as climbers, as wallpaper or as small shrubs.

It is perfect for those who do not like to take too much care of the plants because the false ivy can easily adapt to the environment.

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pianta falsa ederaTo best grow Fatshedera lizei plants, it is advisable to water regularly, always waiting for the soil to dry up a little between one watering and the other, but verifying that it manages to maintain a slight degree of humidity; every 20-30 days provide fertilizer for green plants, mixed with water from watering. Avoid water stagnation.

When the temperatures are higher, it may be useful to spray water on the leaves to maintain a constant level of humidity.


foglie fatshedera The specimens of false ivy are quite rustic plants, which grow without any problems in any soil; an ideal substratum can be prepared by mixing some garden soil, with little sand and little universal balanced soil. For an ideal development, repot the plant every year, especially for what the young specimens are concerned, increasing of some centimetres the diameter of the container. When the specimens are adult, it is possible to repot them every other year.


This hybrid does not produce fertile seeds, therefore, it propagates through the collection of semi-woody cuttings, during the summer time; the cuttings, 7-10 cm long, are rooted in a mixture of sand and peat in equal parts. It is good to keep the containers in a place with constant temperature, around the 18 °C, and to check that the soil keeps the right humidity.

False ivy – Fatshedera lizei: Parasites and diseases

falsa edera It is usually not affected by parasites or diseases. It is possible, however, that the cochineals will settle on the leaves, causing dark spots. To eliminate the problem, if it is limited, it is possible to proceed with a pad soaked in alcohol. Otherwise it is also possible to wash the leaves with neutral soap, which must then be rinsed carefully. In case of massive attack, it is better to use special insecticide products.

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