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In order to facilitate the drying process and keep the colours alive and bright, it is important to use some substances which, thanks to their characteristics, allow a faster absorption of humidity, accelerate the dehydration process and fix the colours. Some of these drying materials, such as sand, are natural, others are the result of chemical synthesis, such as laundry detergent.

In both cases, the bottom of a tin box is covered with a layer of approximately 0,5 cm of desiccant.

Then the flowers are placed on it and then the operation is completed by covering them with the drying materials, making sure that this penetrates deeply into the flower, in all its parts. After having done this, the container is closed again. Remember that the sand is particularly suitable for resistant flowers and the time required for drying is about 3 weeks; the laundry detergent is best suited for delicate and fragile flowers and the time required for drying is about 15 days.

It is also worth mentioning that each plant has its own dehydration and drying times and that therefore the control of what happens in the container is essential.

A very effective substance, especially for drying leaves (ivy, laurel, red beech, etc.), is glycerine. In this case, it is necessary, first of all, to clean well the leaves and leave them in water for some hours.

Subsequently, the leaves are covered with warm water mixed with glycerine, and are left to rest there, preferably in a dark and dry place, until the colour of the same has changed. The last step is to wash the leaves and let them dry on newspaper.

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How to make dried flowers

bouquet fiori secchi The techniques described above allow to obtain good results for the realization of durable dried flowers; obviously, the oldest technique to which you can resort is to choose the type of flower you want to dry, make bunches to hang then upside down in a room ventilated, protected and without too much light, because the light too strong fades the colors of the flower.

This technique is recommended for dry bunches of spring varieties, such as roses. For species with open flowers, such as peonies and dahlias, instead, it is advisable to use desiccant materials to obtain the best results.

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composizione fiori secchi Using various types of flowers to create beautiful compositions is a great way to get an original and interesting decorative element, able to bring color in every corner of the house. To make this type of composition you can let your imagination run free by associating different tree species, with different colors.

To obtain a delicate effect it is advisable to use field varieties, with not too contrasting colours, in order to avoid jarring combinations.

Even small dry bouquets can be a good idea to bring color to your home.

Dryer materials for dried flowers: Clean dried flowers

fiori secchi This type of flower has the great advantage of not fading and withering, on the other hand, however, with the passage of time on the compositions can deposit the dust, which ruins the beauty of the whole. For this reason, it is advisable to intervene regularly to eliminate it, so as to preserve the refinement of the composition.

To perform the cleaning, you can use a simple phone for hair at a mild temperature, or compressed air spray that is used for electronic devices, in this way it will be very easy to remove the surface layer of dust.

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