Christmas Compositions – Plants Composition – Tips for Christmas Compositions

The shops of our cities, during the Christmas period, strive to create an unforgettable atmosphere: there is never lack of lights, songs and themed decorations. To live the magic to the full we must bring this climate inside our home. We can focus on the classic decorations (balls, garlands, ornaments), but you can not miss compositions of fresh or dried flowers. They are ideal as a focal point in the living room, as a centerpiece in the kitchen or on the front door, in the form of a garland.

The basic elements are easily available on the market, but if you want, we can also draw on the resources of our garden.

composizioni di Natale

Living room mini-tree

albero di natale Here is a cheap and simple idea, perfect for those who do not have the space for a tree of good size. We have to get a small fir tree, some falling ivy and a red flower kalanchoe (or, alternatively, a skimmia with berries), as well as a wicker basket. We place the conifer and the flowering plant at the bottom of the composition and fill the front with ivy. Block with the soil by pressing it well.

Finally, we will move on to decorate the tree with balls, garlands and other objects, possibly in scarlet tones. To complete the whole we can cover the basket with a jute cloth closing it with a beautiful golden bow! Alternatively, you can, before starting the installation, color it with a silver or gold spray paint.

Christmas rose and pine cones

composizione natalizia Here is another economical, easy to maintain and very impressive realization, ideal in the living room but also as a centerpiece. We’ll need a nice pot (ideal is a copper container or a riser), large pine cones and a well-flowered helleborus niger plant, easy to find on the market during the holidays. We will place the “Christmas rose” in the middle (without removing it from its jar) and block it with gravel that we will then cover with pine cones.

Also in this case we can use the metallic spray paint, but to be given only to small touches. Red lovers can also add a few twigs with berries or small wild apples. To keep it as long as possible is sufficient to irrigate when the soil is dry under the surface, the plant, if well cared for, can be reused year after year.

Flower composition with buttercups and viburnum

composizione viburno We use a large wicker basket or undecorated branches as a base. Let’s put a thin sponge and insert the vials with water in a homogeneous way, creating a free pattern. Then let’s distribute some small cones, in their natural colour or in white. We create a garland with silver florist’s wire by blocking at a regular distance branches of spruce about 6 cm long: we do more and more turns on the surface. We insert, together, a white buttercup flower and a viburnum inflorescence in each pipette.

The viburnum can be replaced by dry essences: the hydrangeas are very beautiful, with their warm pink hues. Let’s finish with bear grass: let’s take it in groups of three and create diagonals using the pipettes of the flowers as support points. The composition can last up to a week, especially in a not too hot environment.

Garland in eucalyptus leaves

The most commonly used leaf essences for garlands are undoubtedly fir, holly and mistletoe. We propose a beautiful alternative, easily available on the market: its strengths are the beauty of the nuances and the intense scent emanated. We realize the basic structure, a ring, with wire florist, then move on to distribute and block the branches of eucalyptus, hiding well the metal base.

Finally, we insert, in a scattered order, small white flowers, berries (holly, domestic nandinas, rose hips), small and shiny wild apples. If we like, we can add small decorations in the nuances we have chosen: bows, stars, figurines.

Christmas Compositions: Composition with Christmas star

stelle di natale The Christmas star is perhaps the most representative plant of this time of year. It is almost an obligation to have them at home. It is found in many different colours, from red to white to bright pink. The ideal is to use it in a composition that enhances its beauty: we freely choose the shade that we like best, but then opting for accessories in the same color.

For a simple but effective realization, we need a round box, silver satin and a wide ribbon, as well as small decorations (stars, snowflakes, pearls, silver thread…). Let’s cover the edge of the box with the fabric and block it with hot glue: the effect is better leaving it very soft. Then we add the ribbon and distribute the chosen decorations, always fixing with glue.

We insert our Christmas star in the centre, first closing the ground bread in a plastic bag: we blend the base well with the satin.

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