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Brown cultivation

castano I castanospermum endure any exposure, from complete shade to full sun; in apartment they can be kept either in bright place or even quite dark. They fear intense cold, but in spring and summer they can be placed outdoors, in the sun or in the shade. It is advisable to avoid exposing immediately to the sun plants that have spent the winter indoors, exposing them to the sun gradually.

These plants originate in the rain forests of Australia, where the humidity is very high; we suggest watering regularly, avoiding that the soil dries too much. Every 15-20 days add some fertilizer for green plants to the water of the watering, or mix with the soil of the slow release fertilizer. Cultivate in a soil rich in organic matter, soft and fairly drained; these plants develop a vigorous root system, it is therefore advisable to place them in a fairly large container.

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castano australe frutto If we want to reproduce our brown plant, here’s what we have to do. Reproduction is by seed. It is therefore advisable to use fresh seeds, freshly picked from the plant, even if they are difficult to find in Italy. The ideal season to perform this operation is spring.

Castan – Southern Castanospermum: Parasites and diseases

Our southern Castanospermum can be attacked by diseases and parasites. These include mainly aphids and mites that compromise the health of our plant and limit its ornamental/decorative effect. To avoid problems of this kind, it is advisable to use a broad-spectrum antiparasitic product during the winter.

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