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Alpinia zerumbet fiore


pianta <em> alpinia</em> The Alpinia zerumbet should be kept in a bright place, with a few hours a day of direct sunlight; they are grown as apartment plants, even if they can bear temperatures close to zero. It is advisable to shade them during the hottest and wettest periods of the year to avoid that the direct sun rays can ruin their leaves.

The ideal temperature for the cultivation of these plants is around 20 °C, they can be put outside when the minimum temperatures are over 15 °C.

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pianta alpinia zerumbet For a good growth of this plant water regularly, waiting for the soil to dry slightly between one watering and the other, often vaporizing the leaves, especially during periods of prolonged drought and during the months of the year when the domestic heating system is active. Check that no water stagnation forms in the soil, which can cause dangerous root rot.

Every 10-20 days, mix the water from the flowering plant manure with the water from the watering of the flowering plant manure.


alpinia variegata For the planting of the alpinia zerumbet, use a soft, fresh and well drained soil; the alpiniae develop a fairly expanded root system, from which new shoots grow continuously, which give rise to new plants: it is therefore good to place them in fairly large containers, in order to guarantee a balanced development. The repotting is to be done in the spring season, utilizing a good rich and draining soil.


The multiplication of these plants takes place by seed, in spring; the basal shoots can be removed from the mother plant, taking care to keep some well developed roots for each portion practiced; the new plants thus obtained are repotted immediately individually.

Alpinia zerumbet: Pests and diseases

fiore alpinia Plants of this particular variety can be affected by cochineal and mites. To eliminate the mites it may be sufficient to increase the vaporization of water, which is not the case. For cochineals, if the infestation is reduced, it is possible to intervene by removing the parasites manually using cotton or a cloth with alcohol to pass on the leaves. Otherwise, it is advisable to use a special insecticide product that can be easily found in garden centres.

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